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Expedition rack containment net

$ 119.99

     This net is an add-on net to our REXN platform net or just use for most aftermarket Gobi-desert style cargo racks. The net shown on top matches the grid of our base and allows for 12" height at the edges all the way down.  The lower Raingler REXN net is attached to the OEM rack bars, as shown here. Containment net grid is 23"x27" plus eight (8) 27" built on securing straps with PVC coated stainless steel rotating rings and military cam buckles.

    All Raingler products are hand built in Colorado and offer 10 year UV and rust proof rating, MOLLE compatable products and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser. Our nets are designed with maximum longevity. Raingler is the original extreme net manufacturer with units in use worldwide (civilian, government and military applications) since 1999.

OPT : Add REXN platform net

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