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Ballistic Style Roll-bar, passenger and Gobi-desert style rack handle

Raingler's simply the toughest O-S#!+ handle that won't leave a bruise on your head if you smack it!

Full MILSPEC ballistic material, scuba UV rated construction and handle with 400# capacity makes this the strongest and most comfortable hand grip available.  Full extreme-duty Velcro full wrap inside, extremely difficult to remove once you put them on.  For roll-bars, overhead racks or other surfaces where you need a solid grip especially in icy or very sunny, hot situations.

These are absolutely unlike anything that came with your vehicle or bought at the mass merchandising outlets! 

Sold each. Measure diameter of bar on your vehicle (they are flexible for non-round applications as well) with any padding.  

As a general rule, most Gobi-desert style racks use our 1" diameter size, 2002 - older Jeep Wrangler use 2" in the front and 3" in the back.  2003 - newer Wrangler use 3" in front and 4" size in the back or bolt to the sound bar style sold on our grab handles section. Toyota FJ Cruiser and Nissan Frontier and Xterra OE roof racks use the 2" size.

Handles can now add custom color $5/ grip (min. 2) OR $10/grip single.

Contact us if questions on sizing or application, we are here to help!

All Raingler products are hand built in Colorado and offer 10 year UV and corrosion-proof rating and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser. Our products are designed with maximum strength and longevity. Raingler is the original and premiere extreme net and handle manufacturer with units in use worldwide (civilian, government and military applications) since 1999.

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