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I thought I would leave a review summary of the products I have purchased the last few months...which has been a lot.

1) The interior grab handles are great for my 90 year old in-laws as they climb up into the 4runner. They comment on how much they help them get in and out of the truck.
2) The roof rack netting is way awesome and is unreal the way it bundles up my camping gear. It is way more secure and frees up more interior space for my dogs.
3) I purchased the upper and lower tailgate nets, which can actually be used in tandem together.
4) Dog tethers keep the dogs secure and easily detach for leash use.
5) I recently ordered a rear tailgate net. I am anxiously waiting to install it as it will be used for dog stuff.

All products are rugged and functional; the engineering and production are second to none. They were and are worth the wait. I dare anyone to find better nets and barriers that actually function as well as they do!
Believe it or not....the Raingler gear is my favorite add-on to my 4runner. Worth every penny for sure. I have included a photo of some of your netting keeping my two dogs safe and secure.

Andy. 🤙
"Been meaning to share a story with you. I had the cargo net on the attached pic on a different cargo rack than pictured when my Jeep was t-boned and totalled in Feb of this year. I am happy to report that absolutely nothing on that rack moved during the wreck, due to your net. I am hoping it will fit on my new cargo rack, too. Ordered a new attic this week, too because the JK one is too big (attic is in the pic, Just wanted you to know that your nets are the absolute best."

I purchased the cargo net for added security. I have the offgrid cargo basket by Yakima, and I wanted something to speed up my ready time, as well as finding something more simple than my previous set up.  This offered both, and looks great! It’s well constructed, and easy to store. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but I would say this is a must if you have a cargo basket! And the customer service was superb!
Just installed my new Raingler Cargo Net/ K-9 restraint divider, install was a piece of cake, I didn’t need to remove any covers at all. Thanks for such a great product! I’ll be telling all my friends about this for sure, way better then those flimsy net and frames pet supply places sell!
 Kind Regards 
 Sandpit Bob U.P. Of Michigan 
Ed, thanks so much for getting all of the nets to be on time for our road trip.  The divider net kept the pups secure in the back seat, and the cargo net was a perfect fit for the Prinsu CabRack. Everything stayed secure at 85 mph on the highway and crawling on the trails. Your products are awesome, way beyond expectations in terms of quality, fit and function.  ~Chris
Just a quick note to say thanks and thank you for building a damn fine quality product. I slept on nets like this on pallets in C-130's longer ago than I care to remember. It was worth the wait. I'm not in the habit of compliments so if you knew me you'd know this is well deserved! Stay safe and good luck.
- Dennis
"I purchased your K9 barrier for a 2010 Toy 4runner. I recently had a accident where my vehicle was totaled. My K9 was fine other than scared.... If I didn't have your barrier, my dog would have hit the windshield."
Raingler came through big time with a barrier net for my 2018 Toyota 4Runner. I ordered the special application 4-point barrier which installs behind the 2nd row seats. The design is thoughtful and once installed allows me to easily open the lid on my Dometic CFX-50 fridge freezer. The quality of the barrier net is exceptional. I opted for the military spec in black.
- Jacob F
(I keep) all kinds of stuff (contained). I have 2 chairs, a jump starter, jumper cables, ice scraper, tool roll, spare bag, etc. Y'all added some extra side straps for me a couple of months ago. It has served me well for probably 12 years now. I added the attic (net) today as a matching set! Thank you again! 
Raingler Nets longtime customer
One of the reasons I chose a crew-cab was to carry extra gear I don't have room for in my truck camper. I keep tools, an inflatable kayak, diving gear (including spearguns and weight belts), and all kinds of other stuff in the backseat area. AFter reading about RV wrecks recently, including in LOA; TCM, I got to thinking about all that 'stuff' back there. If we were to have a wreck, all those things would be flying loose and could cause severe injury or death. 
So, I wondered if there was a product to keep that from happening. A metal mesh barrier would accomplish this, but that wouldn't be so practical. A while back I noticed a nice TCer for sale in the classified section had a nylon mesh barrier behind the two front seats. The item is made by Raingler products, so I googled the company and found they make all kinds of quality accessories for trucks. Their nylon mesh barriers are really popular for pet owners to keep their dog or cat secure in the back seat area. They are very easy to install and remove. I didn't need to do any drilling. 
They also make a high quality mesh tailgate. Since I often remove my camper at different destinations, I ordered one of these also. 
The shorter net allows the dogs to enter the rear via the passenger door (in a Dodge Durango). They can duck under easily.

Thanks! ~Alex
Title: Blemished, barely!
Rating: 5

So I got the blemished net ... and, well ... this thing is still better quality than anything I could have purchased elsewhere. Using it to create a template for a custom order, and then it will live happily on my trailer :)

BLEM 24" x 31" Mesh Universal Ceiling Net-Raingler
Being a traveling salesman, I am driving my 2014 4Runner about 50,000 per year with anywhere from 100-500 lbs worth of material stuffed in the cargo area. I've always felt that I should have some sort of cargo barrier, but never really took the time to research an invest in something. Now with our first child expected at any day, I felt that the time was right to finally make the investment.
After some research online, I decided to go with a rear cargo barrier by Raingler. Raingler is a MADE IN USA product, manufactured in Colorado. They’ve got tons of cool gear for safety and cargo holding, and I encourage you to check out their website,
The product is made to order, and took about 4 weeks to receive. I opted for the MIL-SPEC webbing (higher strength) with red stitching. In total, it set me back about $220.
As you can see, the cargo area on my 4Runner is very crowded at any given time, so the barrier is a good idea for added safety in the event of a severe collision. I certainly wouldn't want all of this crap becoming a projectile in a crash.
Raingler Nets MADE IN USA
Installation was very straightforward, and Raingler has several great videos showing how to install all of their various products.
Once the hardware is installed, you route the webbing through all of the loops. Once the net is in place, you tighten everything up. Top straps, bottom straps, middle straps. In total it took about 10 minutes, but I also took the time to vacuum and wipe down my interior. The red stitching complements the red stitching on my Trail Edition door panels nicely.
Build quality appears to be fantastic, everything arrived as expected, and installation was a breeze. The netting doesn't seem like it will be much obstruction in my rearview, and I'm sure that Ill quickly get used to it being there.
A cargo barrier has been long overdue, and I'm glad to have the added peace of mind and safety of the Raingler product.
~618 Garage 
Purchased a cargo net for my Dodge Ram Mega Cab and we couldn't be happier with it.  Initial install was easy, instructions on getting the upper hardware installed were easy to follow.  Now we can put it up/take it down very quickly and it's perfect for the dogs.
I am now looking at getting a cargo net for my wife's 4Runner - behind front seats barrier divider net and back window barrier net.  
Thanks, Ben 
Raingler Barrier Net Dodge Ram Mega Cab
Dear all,
A big belated thank you for how quick and efficient the cargo net was made up and shipped out to us in Perth, Australia. 
Youtube Video was watched once and net successfully installed! Fits great, and the fittings are really good quality which made the man happy. Already being used and really happy with it. 
Thanks for all the informative information on your website that lets your user know as much detail as possible so can make the best decision on the product, and which aspects to choose.
The quality of material and workmanship is exactly what I expected. To the entire Raingler team, Bravo-Zulu🇺🇸
L. D. Bishop
Love our new Raingler net. I can finally have my dog in the back without him trying to jump over onto Jacob. Got a sticker also for a penny! 
When something breaks on Jade or gear fails I look at it as a perfect time to upgrade! I have been loving the new rear cargo @raingler_nets and plan to get one for the roof rack now as well. Works like a charm and fits perfectly. 
Raingler Nets Jeep Wrangler Cargo Nets
Got the net...three minute install...just what I needed...thanks for the great product.
~Joseph, Ft. Bennington, GA
The 4 Point Cargo Net installed in my 4Runner gave me peace-of-mind about the cargo in the back of my truck.  I appreciated being able to load up with all the cargo I needed for a 5 day camping trip with my boys, and cinch-it-down with the cargo net.  The net is well made, and should hold up longer than the vehicle!  I purchased the Snap Clips and Extension Tie Down Straps - the snap clips allowed quick removal and access to the cooler in the back, and the extension straps ensured I had enough length to overlay this tall stack of gear.
~ Shaun, Denver CO
Wow, the net arrived on Wednesday!! That is a rush order completed in excellent fashion. I am so grateful. 
And as for the net I am thrilled. It is exactly what I needed. I am knot-tying-challenged and even when using ratchet straps tend to worry. My husband is in charge of all that but for the start of this upcoming nearly 8,000 mile round-trip the kids and I will be starting off solo for about 2,000 off those. That means I was stressing about securing the roof load. Your net has wiped that away. My 12 year old (takes after her dad- mechanically inclined) daughter immediately secured it to the rack we have sitting in the living room loaded in test prep mode and..done! She nodded and said, "That's good. So simple." 
For a mom travelling alone with 3 kids and 3 animals I have enough to be preoccupied about. Thank you for a sturdy, simple product that just works and relieves one big issue. And even bigger thanks for your wonderful customer care and patience. That interaction upped my belief in your product and made me want the net even more than seeing video reviews on YouTube. Overall a great experience! 
~ Lee C 
I wanted something to help contain dog hair in the back and keep this guy safe while not blocking my visibility or having to listen to a metal barrier clang around. After hours of searching I came across @raingler_nets, they have a fairly extensive product line that’s vehicle specific and customizable, I’m loving the black and orange to match, I think Lloyd is also digging it 🤟🏼 
~ConnectiCrossTrek via IG
Raingler Dog Barrier Nets
Received my Raingler cargo tie down net today for the 16' 4runner. The net is extremely well made and I am impressed with the hardware quality. All buckles and rings are made of heavy duty metal and coated for corrosion resistance. The installation was super easy since the net was custom made for my vehicle. All the quick release snap hooks went right onto factory mounting points. It will be a life saver for me because of the amount of items I usually lug around with me tent to roll around in the cargo area. I am not surprise if this net will outlasts my truck and even myself. Thank you and will purchase again in the future. 
~ Daniel H.
Raingler Cargo Net Raingler Nets unboxing
Western Adventures Product Test
Test of the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net
Product Testing by Frenchie La Chance of Western Adventures
Testing of the Cherokee Barrier Net
Raingler Nets Product Test
I have had the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net in my vehicle for 6 months now. It has proven as a safety barrier for my Golden Retriever in keeping her in the back where she is safe. It also gives me a solid feeling should I be in a accident and need to keep the gear from flying up and hitting me. It is extremely well made and is easy to install. I highly recommend the Raingler Cherokee Barrier Net as a product that should be in all SUV’S when they leave the pavement. The development that went into this is excellent... I have seen too many accidents where the contents have caused more injuries then the accident itself. As a professional guide and 4X4 driving instructor I highly recommend it for all 4X4 vehicles.
~ Frenchie La Chance
Just wanted to let you know that I love the net I purchased from your site! I needed something to hold my surfboard, so it was not on my roof, and it fits it perfectly. Thanks again.
Raingler Nets with surfboard in ceiling net  Raingler Nets with surfboard in ceiling net
Net is terrific. Easy to install- solid! Thank you. 
- Shep
Absolutely love the cargo net for my 4Runner! It is a well made product that has solved a problem I’ve been struggling with for quite some time without having to spring for a Truckvault type drawer system. It also looks great!
Thanks - Jim
This net is my 3rd or 4th from Raingler, for a Jeep Wrangler and now the cargo area of a Jeep GC. All have been top notch. This 35 x 35 size is perfect for my needs in the Cherokee. Everything about the Rainger net is far superior to the flimsy cheap a** nets found elsewhere.
Terry H. 
Raingler is a great company to work with on my needs. Working with Santa Fe Search and Rescue I have lots of gear in my 4 Runner and when I’m off road I 
want to make sure it stays tied down, Raingler products takes care that.
Richard Derr
Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group (SFSAR)
New Mexico Working K9s (NMWK9s)
After all the fancy mods have been done, (bumpers, sliders, skids, suspension, rack, etc.) it really is the little things that make me giddy. And I just got a new giddy going on.
Many people are well familiar with the excellent ceiling nets Raingler makes, but they also do terrific custom jobs. I have an amazing sleeping platform made by GooseGear, and having taken out one of my rear seats, there's an fantastic amount of storage space under there. However, after a day of bumping around trails, things jostle, and more than a few times when I've opened the door, stuff falls out. But no more. Raingler made these great nets that fit just perfect. Super burly and clean design.
Working with Ed there was a pleasure as well. Incredible customer service and attention to detail. We sent these back and forth a few times until they were dead right. Not one complaint from him or even a hint of reticence in making this customer quite happy. Couldn't more emphatically recommend their work.
Review by AliRawk on
Raingler Nets
Honestly did not think that having a cargo net would be that helpful.  I have always used the ratchet straps, bungee method and it worked... sort of.   The cargo net is so superior I am not sure why I tolerated the old way so long.   Previously when it was strapped down there was no way I wanted to un-strap and grab get something off the rack.  With the cargo net it is a piece of cake.
Thanks again!
May I request a few stickers from you? I've got an oldie but goodie 2001 Nissan Xterra & I put "product" stickers on my rear passenger window - my last Raingler sticker finally weathered off. I've enjoyed your cargo area roof net for many,many years. It's had so any uses over the years and countless compliments from onlookers when I pop my rear hatch. When time comes for me to"upgrade" to an 05-15 "2nd GenX", I can't wait to also upgrade/replace my Yakima Load Warrior for your streamlined rooftop cargo net. I see you now offer a range of strap and stitching options! Thank you for great products! Happy New Year to you guys!
~ Kindly, Jenn
Had a chance to mount both of my nets today, one on the interior and one on my Gobi rack. These things are badass and I wish I would have gotten a set years ago as I can think of 100 past instances where they would have been much more secure and convenient that solutions I've used on all of my Toyotas. Firewood, jerry cans, and canoes on the roof. Yeti coolers, water canisters, duffle bags full of gear …  there's so much stuff these nets are going to help me get under control.
Blog review from a happy customer! - Joshua via five9341  I just wanted to let you guys know how i found you and why I went with your company. That guy @storm.runner on instagram made a very good product review, i read it and ordered right after lol
thank you!
Review: Raingler Nets - THIS Is How You Do Business
Been meaning to do this for a while now, and finally getting around to it. I thought I'd take a few minutes and do a small review / write up on my experience with Raingler Nets and having a custom order made.
I'd been wanting something to use to cover, contain, and hold down items placed on my roof rack for a while now. I'd tried regular ratchet straps, along with some of those cheap, bungee style nets from Harbor Freight a few times, but still wasn't comfortable with how they held items.
I'd borrowed a smaller Raingler roof rack net a couple times from Surf and Snow and liked it's toughness, quality, and easy of use. The only "complaint" I had was that I wished it were larger, and covered my entire roof rack. This is when I decided I'd try contacting Raingler about having a custom net made.
I first contacted Eddie from Raingler on his vendor page, then via email and phone. I told him what I had in mind, and send him a couple pics of my rack, as well as a sketch so that he could get an idea of what I was thinking.
Custom nets by Raingler Nets
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
He said it sounded like a great project, and he was excited to start on it. After placing a small down payment to secure a spot in line, I received a sketch a couple days later.
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
Looking at the sketch, this was pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The only change I'd requested was an additional adjustment strap added to the middle of both the front and back end of the net. Eddie said that it would cost slightly extra, but that it would be no problem. Satisfied, I sent the rest of the payment. The next day, I got an email from Raingler saying there had been a slight redesign. Eddie decided to make it a few inches wider, and added an additional row of webbing. This would allow for more coverage, as well as a bit more symmetry to the overall net itself. This was done at no extra cost, so of course I was on board. He also threw in a couple additional separate adjustment straps for free. Score! The next day I received a couple pics of the completed net, as well as a tracking number for shipment. (As you can see, I opted for the Mil Spec OD green option for a small additional fee when ordering, since all the Raingler nets I'd seen up until that point had been black, so I thought, what the hell, why not be different. Also wanted the extra strength and coated hardware.)
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
A couple days later it arrived on my doorstep. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I couldn't wait to tear into the box. After opening everything up and laying it out on the floor to inspect it, I was VERY impressed! I COULD NOT have been any happier with how it turned out. It looked awesome, the quality was impeccable, and man, was it beefy! This net was built like a tank! Like the title of this thread states, THIS is how you do business. The total time from idea in my head, contact with Raingler, construction of the net, and arrival on my doorstep was 11 days. 11 Days! I realize I may have gotten lucky and ordered during a slow time in production, but an 11 day turn around on a custom ordered piece, especially one of this quality was amazing.
Moving on, here are a couple pictures of my net, by itself, and next to a standard Raingler rooftop net, just to give you an idea of size, and standard vs mil spec.
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
This was the first test fit on my empty rack. Fit like a glove!
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
And lastly, here are a couple pics from the first time I was able to try it out while camping with stuff on the rack. Was able to fit a giant foot locker, a couple action packers, 2 chairs, and a tent with room to spare. Each item was locked in place, and rock solid. I didn't have to worry about and shifting or things flying off while driving down the highway or bouncing around on trails.
Roof Rack Nets by Raingler Nets
Roof Rack Nets by Raingler Nets
Roof Rack Nets by Raingler Nets
Roof Rack Nets by Raingler Nets
If you've made it this far, I hope you got a chance to read start to finish. I've got to say that this was one of the smoothest, easiest, and most stress free orders of any kind I've experienced since owning the X. Eddie and the folks at Raingler could not have been any more helpful or informative. The customer service from start to finish was top notch, and I would recommend Rainger to ANYONE in the future!
Travzilla via
 I was searching in check out reviews. I've seen some crappy saggy nets and didn't want that. Everyone that had your nets said no sagging no fading. I want  to keep the dog from jumping out the back of the LJ.
~ Annie
I got to use my Raingler net on my recent trip to Utah and I was VERY impressed. The adjustability to cover various sizes is excellent and the build quality is fantastic. The straps are very easy to tighten down and they hold tight whether you are driving 80 mph down the interstate or whether you are bouncing around rock climbing. 
The net is very heavy duty so I anticipate it lasting for many years and many, many trips. They sell many different sizes and configurations that fit all sizes of roof racks so whether you have a stock rack with a basket, an aftermarket rack like a Gobi or Baja Rack, or a flat rack like my K9 or Front Runner there is a net that can secure your gear.  
- storm.runner
Roof Rack Nets by Raingler Nets
“… I installed a Raingler net in my XJ one day before leaving for the Rubicon Trail. I ended up rolling the Jeep, but the net kept me safe from all the heavy stuff (tools, parts, ice chest) stored in the back.”- Johnny
Raingler Nets keeping you safe
I installed the pet barrier and am extremely happy with how it came out and its quality! Here's a link to the install and I also a file containing a series of install pictures. I didn't end up needing the strap extensions (although I put them to good use) but I did have to modify the tab holes on two D-rings to fit over the larger seat belt bolts. Not sure if you're able to acquire larger ones or not but I might swap mine out with some Tacoma truck bed D-rings down the road.  
- Shawn
Raingler Nets Pet Barrier Divider Net
I first discovered Raingler’s Nets and Grips while researching another product on forum. I saw a brief reference to their products, which was quickly followed by enthusiasm and a quick push for a Group Buy. The enthusiasm for a product I had never heard of piqued my interest, so I investigated. I wasn’t expecting much, because the aftermarket world hasn’t embraced the 2014+ Cherokee KL. To my surprise, Raingler not only offered one product with specific application for my Cherokee, but two. I cross-referenced the Cherokee KL Community I belong to ( and I saw no mentions at all of the products. I emailed Raingler and had a quick response from Eddie. My nets were shipped quickly; I opted for the ceiling net and floor net with the optional red stitching to match the interior of the Cherokee Trailhawk.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to open a package. As soon as I received it, I was in the back of my Cherokee installing the nets.
My overall experience with both products and Raingler has been amazing. The nylon and hardware are heavy duty, and durable. The PVC coated stainless steel rings have already proved valuable as extra attachment points for things like carabiners and bungee straps.
The floor net gets the most frequent active use, as I’ll use it to hold down everything from a few small grocery bags, to our luggage when we traveled for our wedding. The ease of use with the stainless steel bucks make it a simple task to attach, or remove the net to allow access to the cargo.
I have a very interesting experience regarding the ceiling net. When I first ordered, I only had the option of the nylon net. I installed the brackets and mounted the net. The jackets I had stowed away in the ceiling net routinely would dangle, or a hood or a sleeve would find its way over the side. I toyed around with bungee straps, and was considering a few other modification options to help secure the net’s contents when Eddie offered a new suggestion. Raingler has a mesh that is Mil Spec rated, and Eddie offered to replace my net, with the mesh ceiling net.
I just received the new net this week, and the mesh has solved my issue with dangling sleeves.
I’ve had nothing but amazing things to say regarding Raingler’s nets, and I know first hand that Raingler is extremely willing to work with its customers to get the exact product they are looking for. To further drive this point home, a number of us on our forum recently purchased Gobi branded desert-style roof racks. With just a mention, Raingler only needed the measurements and the desert-style net for the Cherokee Gobi rack was born.
To even further elaborate on Raingler’s customer service, Eddie contacted me asking if I could take some measurements for him. He told me another member of my forum was looking for the Front Seat Barrier, and with my measurements Raingler made it happen.
Within a months time, Raingler went from offering two nets for the Cherokee, to seven different nets, some with dissecting variations and options (such as mesh instead of nylon netting.)
I have worked with other companies in the past, and I can say without a doubt Eddie and everyone at Raingler are not only extremely willing to work with the customers to fit their needs, they are also a pleasure to work with.
   - James R.
Cherokee barrier net by Raingler Nets  Cherokee barrier net by Raingler Nets
DrCloud - 2013 Xterra Pro-4X 
I've had the exterior one (a sort of roof rack) on since last fall, nearly a year in all sorts of weather. It's still as tight as when I installed it, a bit of a surprise (I thought it might stretch). These are good products. HPH
sfujimoto123  - 2005 Xterra SE
Just got my dephep Raingler net. This thing is awesome is going to save me so much room. Great design and materials used. Highly recommended! Thanks Raingler!
Thank you so much!  I love my Raingler netting! 
~ Judd
Dephep Raingler Net
I was able to mount the net to all factory locations and it works great on my Toyota!  I noticed the quality when I first opened the box. The latches and stitching are very solid feeling.  
- Chris
Raingler Cargo Nets
Your customer service was outstanding and I love the new net...keeps the dogs from drooling on the back seat - Adam
Love Raingler. Have several products and they all perform flawlessly. Dog even chewed through one net and Raingler repaired it for the cost of shipping.
Great company!
 - Jason K.
Here's the "dogs den" when we travel (made from Raingler nets). This is set up to hold cargo as well as encase the dogs so they do not go through the front or rear glass. I am working on something permanent for the side glass, like K-9 unit style.
Raingler barrier nets
I had no idea how great those Raingler handles are!! They are going to come in handy every day!! - Chef
Raingler Nets handles grips
I always tell people these Raingler nets represent some of the best money I've spent on the X, especially the ceiling net.  - Frank
Raingler Nets for Xterra
My husband had used Raingler nets in his Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokee for many years, usually as a shelf, but also for hauling his drums. He recently purchased a Chevy HHR and was bummed his old net was too big. So I contacted Eddie at Raingler, and he hooked me up with a custom size, just in time for a Christmas gift! My husband loves it, and it fits perfectly.  - Heather
Custom Nets by Raingler Nets
I just love your stuff!  My wife laughs and says 'what do we need all that netting for?'. She also laughed when I bought those headrest grip handles... now she says they're the greatest things I ever bought! I keep buying your stuff because it's amazing! Holds up well, has so many options, quick turnaround and great owner!
THANK YOU, for making the best nets on the market! AND the best Customer Service one can get! These nets and handholds were a HUGE hit at this event! They give me so many options for my myriad outdoor adventures, from summer to winter, from Skydiving to fishing to hunting to camping - the uses boggle the mind! Trust me - they get "out there"! 
~ SkyPainter
I have the Raingler pet barrier. Actually I have two of them. The reason I chose it was quite simple really…….it was the only one that was “ soft”. I.E. made of webbing. While I am sure they all work and perform the same as far as keeping the fuzzy family where you want them, ONLY Raingler does it AND minimizes any injuries our fuzzy buddies may get should the worst happen and we get into a wreck. I'd rather have Aramis hit a soft net then a hard metal grate. I run the barrier for one reason, and one reason only, to keep him safe. It’s not there to just keep him in the back seat, hell, if I could figure out a way for him to sit still so I could attach a seatbelt, I would have him ride up front with me …. 
Oh, as far as pros and cons regarding the net itself. Haven't found any cons yet. Pros are too many to list. I still have them and use them, with no visible signs of wear after something like 10 to 13, didn't realize it had been that long. 
 - Josh & Aramis
I had bought the rear roof cargo net from you a while back for my 2014 pro 4x.. and had all kinds of gear stowed up there.... then I totaled it on the highway  at 40 - 50 mph a few weeks ago, nearly rolling...and nothing came loose. Your product held up (I just wanted to personally let you know). - Josh in VA​
Travis- Spdu4ia's Avalanche Build
I've got the mini roof net and its one of my favorite mods... I use it WAY more than I even thought I would!
Reviewer:  (Discovery Bay, CA)
I bought these last year before running the Rubicon. These Raingler nets are the best! I was able to squeeze all the gear we needed for the weekend and my dogs in the back of the jeep pairing these cargo nets with my Bestop ExtendaTrunk and cage system. Dogs in the cage, gear all around it. These cargo nets are very heavy duty and are worth the money! I had second thoughts when I saw the cost, but once you get them, you realize they are worth every penny!
Reviewer:  (Derby, CT)
I shopped around on ebay and saw some other nets cheaper but if you're looking for the real deal RAINGLER NETS & GRIPS is the one to get, they look great, work great, ya there a little pricey but you won't regret it.
Well Worth the Cost... Reviewer:  (The Florida Keys)
Bought the Raingler Cargo Nets and really love 'em. Keeps stuff from flying out the back when the tops is removed, or down. Really gives your Jeep a great look when the top and doors are removed.
Raingler nets a ton of uses  Reviewer:  (Indiana)
While I was leary of shelling out the $$ for these they have paid for themselves. I strap backpacks, blankets, tow straps, tent and other soft goods to them. They also provide a barrier of protection for my side windows, and they keep my dog safely in the back. I have the side and rear net system. They free up some interior space which is helpful when traveling with the family.
Versatile and sharp looking addition  Reviewer: (San Diego, Ca.)
I have the side and rear net on my 05 LJ (Unlimited). They turn a lot of heads as I believe it really dresses up the appearance of the Jeep. This is a great product for those who carry cargo, dogs in their Jeep. If your carrying cargo it keeps the cargo from falling out of your Jeep. If your riding with the soft top up then it keeps the cargo from resting on the windows and scratching them. The advantages of the nets when carrying dogs is pretty obvious. My dog always makes me a bit nervous because I worry he will jump out at an intersection or something, the Raingler nets have given me peace of mind knowing I don't have to be holding on to his leash when driving. These nets are extremely strong, the weakest point is the military style cam buckle with a breaking strength of 800 lbs. The Marine grade nylon used in the nets resists fading. Because of their exceptional strength you can use the netting system as an area to strap cargo such as backpacks and sleeping bags etc. Raingler makes great products. Highly recommended.
 Comfortable and functional grip  Reviewer:  (San Diego, Ca)
I have four of these grips mounted in my Jeep. It makes entry/egress of the Jeep a bit more stable for my wife and son. The grips come in a variety of colors, I have the black grips with red stitching. Raingler offers a few different colors that are will suit individual preferences. The grips have a molded plastic/rubber hand hold that is very comfortable and does not allow the grip to collapse in on itself when pulling on the grip. I highly recommend the Raingler grips.
From Tennessee:  Raingler REXN Roof Rack Net
I had been wanting to add some sort of cargo basket to my truck but didn't like how pricey and bulky most of the aftermarket racks were. I didn't need anything super heavy duty, just enough to through some gear up there when I have a couple dirt bikes in the bed and no room on the trailer. I had seen were the guys from the thenewx had been using the Raingler net systems so, I got in on a group buy they had and bought the REXN roof net. Simply and quick to put on and take off. I also like the fact that it doesn't any wind noise that go around the bars are actually long enough that it could double as a bed net too. Cuts
 By: Randy Wheeler
The Raingler Full Rack utilizes 2-inch military grade webbing and steel anchor rings.
You've got that big trip planned.  Days or weeks beforehand, you start organizing all your gear that you plan to take with you - tent, sleeping bag, clothes, pad, tools, cooler, food, fishing pole, chairs... the list goes on and on.  When it comes time to pack all that stuff in your Jeep, you realize there's not enough space to pack all your gear.  You can either scale down on the equipment you'll need, or find an alternate storage system for your gear.  That's where the Raingler Full Rack system comes into play.  This rack system utilizes 2-inch military grade webbing and steel anchor rings for securing your gear with straps, rope or bungee cords.  This rack system installs across the front and back portions of the roll bar, similar to what a bikini top would look like, and is secured with large cam buckles to adjust the tension and fit of the rack between the roll bars, and two large rings for the rear portion.
 The military grade webbing is strong and is offered in several custom colors.  For my application, I chose the standard black to match the color scheme of my Jeep Wrangler.  Installing this rack system is fairly straightforward and can be accomplished by one person. The first part of the installation calls for the removal of the rear seat belt Torx bolt and removing the seat belt swivel.  The Raingler rack comes with two bolt snaps that will be mounted to the rear seat belt swivel.  Run the Torx bolt through the bolt snap and reinstall the seat belt swivel and tighten securely.   For my application, I don't have any rear seatbelts so I purchased a couple 1/2-inch bolts to fit the mounting location of the seat belt swivel.  Once these are in place, secure the anchor rings to the bolt snaps and pull the rack up and over the roll bar.  Starting at the rear, attach each cam buckle by wrapping the webbing under and around the roll bar and back through the cam buckle.  Keeping the webbing loose, work forward until all the webbing straps are secured on the roll bars.  For the front portion of the rack, the kit comes with two 1-inch straps that are used to secure the rack to the front footman loop.  In my case, however, I've got an overhead CBrack that doesn't use a footman loop.  I simply used the visor mounting brackets to secure the 1-inch webbing.  
 The rear of the rack mounts to the seat belt swivel bracket, while the front webbing uses large cam buckles to secure the webbing to the roll bar.
Once the rack is in place and all the cam buckles are secured, evenly tighten each cam buckle until there is enough tension on the webbing to keep it taut.  Adjust the front 1-inch straps to cinch up the tension and you're finished.
For my application, however, the design of the cam buckles coupled with the fact that I do not have any roll bar padding, made getting enough tension of the webbing almost impossible.  Since the webbing is routed under then over the roll bar, the cam buckle had a tendency to slip and release some of the tension, thus letting the webbing hang down too far.  A quick phone call to Raingler and a set of grip tape strips were on the way.  These grip strips are placed on the roll bar at each cam buckle location to prevent the buckle from rotating and allowing the webbing to sag.
Once the Raingler Full rack was in place, I adjusted each webbing strap to get the most tension on the rack. At the rear of the rack system where it mounts to the seat belt swivel, I noticed that it was sitting farther up on the roll bar than what was pictured in the installation instructions.  A quick comparison of a TJ and YJ roll bar indicated that on a TJ, the seat belt swivel is actually mounted a couple of inches lower on the roll bar.  While this may not seem that important, this difference in placement makes the rack mount farther forward on a YJ than on a TJ.  This affects the fit of the rack in that the front 1-inch tension straps cannot be cinched tight enough to take up as much webbing slack as needed.  The front of the rack ends up being almost right up against the windshield frame.  A simple design change could solve this problem if the rear anchor ring straps were a bit shorter to accommodate the placement of the seat belt swivel on a YJ.  The longer anchor ring strap works well on a TJ however.
The Raingler Full Rack provides plenty of storage space for those lightweight, yet bulky items.
While the grip tape strips generally solved the problem of getting enough tension of the webbing, the fact that the webbing is routed under then over the rack allows the rack to want to align itself with the bottom of the roll bar, thus decreasing headroom.  I'm only 5'8" and my head just barely clears the bottom of the rack, even when it's not loaded with gear.  If the webbing was routed over the roll bar, it would provide about 2-inches more headroom. 
Overall the quality of the rack is exceptional.  The anchor rings are solid and provide enough anchor points to lash down your gear using bungee cords or cinch straps.  On the road, the rack didn't whip around in the wind and stayed in place.  The rack provides plenty of space for light gear such as sleeping bags, pads, blankets and other bulky items. The unique feature of this rack is that it can be left in place when installing either a bikini top, soft top, or even a hard top. If you want or need to remove it, the rack can be removed in about 2 minutes, thanks to the quick release cam buckles and bolt snaps, and can be neatly stored under or behind your seat. Raingler also offers several other rack options, such as side nets, cargo nets, half back racks, and the complete Raingler System (full rack, side nets and cargo back net) that should satisfy just about all your cargo storage needs. If you're looking for an alternative rack solution for your lightweight items, then give the Raingler Full Rack a try.
Review by 
I’ve been wanting some kind of a pet/cargo barrier for my XJ for a while now, but I never really liked the design of the ones that “wedge” between the floor and the headliner. Many of them didn’t extend all the way to the floor,and I also wanted something I could use with the back seat folded down. Enter Raingler has been making cargo and barrier nets for TJ’s for a while now and recently expanded their product line to include Cherokees and other vehicles.
I really don’t even remember how I found out about Raingler actually. When I first contacted them asking if they had anything for XJ’s they were still in the design stages of their XJ net, but I told them as soon as they had some ready to send me one. After seeing their TJ nets, I knew this was exactly the type of cargo barrier system I was looking for.
Raingler builds all their nets using only 10 year UV resistant and saltwater grade materials,including the stitching. Even the 800lb military grade hardware is guaranteed not to rust.. If you can use the word “beefy” to describe a net, Raingler’s nets are BEEFY! I really can’t say enough about the quality of these things, definitely top notch workmanship.
If only it was bigger, I could use it for a hammock…
Raingler claims the weakest point of their nets can support 800lbs, which makes for a pretty big dog or bag of gear. Well, I didn’t have 800lbs of anything to test the net with, so I used my own [not so] massive 150lb body.I strung the net up between the rocker guards on our Jeeps and stood on the net. No worries. I figure if it held me up it’ll stand up to our two Siberian Huskies, or whatever gear I’ve got in the back.
Installation of the XJ barrier net is a cinch – literally. The net mounts behind the back seat and straps to the upper mounting bolts for the shoulder belts, the latch striker for the seat back, and the lower mounting bolts for the seat back. The buckles then keep everything stretched out tight. It only takes a minute or two to put up or take down the net, and you can easily fold it up to store it out of the way under one of the seats.
If you’ve got smaller, sneaky dogs like ours, Raingler also includes additional side straps and hardware that mounts to the side of the C-pillar. This will keep wandering pups from squeezing between the net and C-pillar to come join you in the front seats. The additional mounting hardware does require some minor drilling for installation. If you’ve got an older rig that doesn’t have the rear shoulder belts, you can use the additional hardware for the upper mount for the net. The soft net will also help keep your pups from getting hurt should something happen (like slamming on the brakes) that causes them to fly forward into the barrier.
With the seat up, the barrier net allows you to stow some gear between the seat back and the net, giving you easy access to it while leaving the net in place. With the back seat folded down, you loose the middle mounting point, but the net is still attached at the ceiling and the floor so it retains most of its functionality, and you can loop the middle straps around the seat belt to pull the sides out a bit for more coverage or use the additional C-pillar hardware if you installed it.
I’ve been running the net for a few weeks now, using it mainly to keep some gear and my 35″ spare tire from straying out of the cargo area, and I’ve been really happy with it so far. The net hasn’t stretched or sagged any at all, and it really doesn’t block any vision out the back. Plus, when you look out the back, it’s kinda got a cool Baja1000/NASCAR safety net look to it…
From Phoenix AZ:   Review: Raingler Cargo Nets
I bought the 2" wide strap model for the floor and the half net for the ceiling. After having and using them my first thought is, why did I take so long to get these? The floor model is great, I've left it in rather than constantly installing and re-installing. Holds down loads great, much better than the factory "stretchy". Even when not secured underneath it, just having the net on the floor cuts down in things sliding around in the back.
The ceiling half net has added a lot of versatility as well. I use it a lot for fishing rods, they're securely held and no worries of loads shifting on top of them and bending or breaking the rods. It also holds a single rifle soft case just fine and is not visible from the exterior (provided you tuck the strap ends up into the net so they aren’t hanging down.
 Raingler interior X-NET
Raingler has been developing innovative cargo containment devices for Jeeps for the last 15 years. Recently, Raingler have expanded their product line to other makes and models. They currently have 5 products designed for the Xterra, and more in development. One of my favorite products is their interior X-NET
The main components of the Raingler interior X-NET kit include interior X-NET Mounting Hardware
For more information about this product and other cargo and net accessories visit Raingler
Installation is easy and takes only about 15 minutes.
 Interior X-NET Installation
Before you get started, make sure the 6 ceiling clips are facing the correct way. The fore and aft ceiling clips need to have their largest opening facing front to back, while the 2 center clips need to face each other.
Adjust the ceiling clips first
Adjustable buckles
All 6 of the attachment straps are extra long to allow you to custom fit the X-NET to your Xterra and cargo.
Starting at the front or back, pass the straps through the ceiling clips. Loop them around and pass them through the buckles. Do the same for the side ceiling clips and the other end.
The rear mounts (nearest the tailgate) should be snugged as far as they will go for proper placement of the X-NET.
Snug them down good
Strap tucked away
The side mounts should be adjusted to the left. Once your X-NET is full with cargo, you can adjust the side mounts for tightness.
Once all the buckles are fastened, loop the extra webbing around and through the buckles to get the ends out of the way.
You are then ready to fill the X-NET with whatever you like, within reason. Heavy objects, or anything that could cause injury during an accident are not recommended. If you do store something heavy, use a carabiner or something similar to attach it to the webbing.
Strap tucked around and away
Testing has been ongoing since I installed the Raingler interior X-NET in August 2002.
 So far, I am very happy with the interior X-NET.
The weather in Colorado is always changing, and it's nice to have somewhere to permanently store foul weather gear.
Stashed up in the X-NET, jackets, hats and gloves stay clean and dry, and out of harm's way (and don't become chew toys for our dog).
The X-NET offers a lot of room for storage, space that is otherwise wasted in the Xterra.
Visibility out the back is not compromised. Even when filled with half a dozen jackets, gloves and hats, the X-NET doesn't pull down from the ceiling more than an inch from its unladen position.
The only concern with the interior X-NET is head space if you regularly have people taller than 5' 10" sitting in the back of your Xterra. If this is the case, contact Raingler, as they are working on a shorter design along with other cool new products.
A great design, and a great price, the Raingler interior X-NET is an excellent choice for additional storage space.