Raingler products will only use the highest caliber and proven components in our products.  We do not strive to build the cheapest product we can; but carefully craft the product that will still be in service and functioning fully years, if not decades from now.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and we offer a 14 day guarantee!
Please note: Custom modified, specially ordered material, personalized embroidered items or custom build production item sales are final.
We never know what our products will encounter.  Any condition or application around the globe, land, air or sea, and all of us here take pride in our very high-quality performance cargo nets.  Owners report that their Raingler product still looks and performs like new after 15 or more years of heavy-duty use. 
When your needs or vehicle changes, the Raingler net will still be of a high value should you need to sell it.  We DO NOT believe in filling landfills with planned obsolesce, throw-away products.
We believe in employing only the most skilled craftsmen and women that take great pride in building a very high quality piece of gear that we hope will be of great use and make your travels and transport worry free and provide convenience as well. We precision design and build each unit in our shop in Washington USA. We source as much as possible from US suppliers and are Berry Amendment compliant for specific government applications. 
We continually design new products per request and redesign to further improve existing applications based on customer field feedback and as new techniques and materials become available.  The products evolve and improve based upon thousands and thousands of pieces in all kinds of environments and use around the world for roughly 20 years now.
We intend for your Raingler item to last at least as long as you own your vehicle and we proudly stand behind our work. We build it and put our name on it. We sincerely CARE about what we build for you, your family, pets and cargo needs.
Note: Unless otherwise noted, mounting hardware will be included. Exceptions are universal type nets or optional mounting kits and accessories, like quick release hooks and snap clips.   
Always make sure that your net and load is secured tightly and any extra adjustment strap material is tied up so it cannot become loose and damage your gear, net or others behind you.  *Always double check your load after it has had a chance to settle or entering public roads or highways. 


Off Road Concepts and Raingler brand name products are warranted for as long as the original purchaser owns the product and installed in original vehicle for which it was purchased. This includes defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty applies to the original purchaser and vehicle in which it was installed.
No warranty is given on dyes, finishes or coatings. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty, this includes damage sustained from the elements, animals or any other damage caused by equipment failure or malfunction. No coverage is given to products where acids, bleaches, fuel or any corrosive materials have been in contact with product.
Manufacturing warranty claims must be made by the original purchaser. Product will be replaced or repaired at our discretion, provided proper Return Authorization process has been completed and in no circumstance will liability extend beyond product repair or replacement cost.  Once return authorization instructions are given, wash, dry and properly package your item with contact information inside package.
DOG OWNER? READ Our Easy and Effective Dog Barrier Training Information and Guidelines. 


The MIL-SPEC Mesh Bags came out of our goal working towards ZERO-WASTE.  When we build other products using the mesh material, we have scraps and pieces that couldn't be used left over from huge rolls of the material.  We had been donating the leftover pieces to artists and costume designers but still had excess material.  It so happened about the same time, our customers had been asking for us to make a bag to keep their Raingler gear in when they weren't needing it in place and so the idea to repurpose the mesh into these bags came about.  We are nearly no waste now having eliminated the biggest culprit in production.  All webbing 3" or longer is turned into hardware tethers and other than some thread and a few broken sewing needles here and there we are very happy with the low impact we are having on the environment.


Raingler© and its affiliates will never use our customers or vendors information for any purpose other than processing their sale, shipping, marketing our products (with permission), and newsletters.  If a customer provides videos, reviews or other information, we will post those only on Raingler© websites, social media, and our own marketing materials. If you request to remain anonymous, we will not violate that request.  We are also compliant with GDPR rules and regulations. You can find more information on our privacy policy here. Please contact us if you require any further information about our privacy policies. 


Contact us for any needed repairs.  We can upgrade older units or repair as needed in-house.  Email us a couple pictures with your inquiry for idea on cost and time needed.  Most repairs are very inexpensive and often very quick for us to do.  We love feedback and reviews even long after the sale. Once repair instructions are given, please wash, dry and pack your item with contact information inside package. 

How to contact us: 
 Sales, products and installation:  361-877-3179
 For returns or warranty info:  Email us with your order number and issue:
US toll-free main: 866-905-7625
Business and fleet: Phone:
Wholesale.Raingler @gmail.com

Quick reply email: email@Raingler.com
 Please leave a brief message if we are on the phone with another customer or after regular business hours of 10am - 6pm Pacific Time Zone.
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