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Custom Work

Now you can order custom nets for your special project!

 All nets have the same materials and lifetime warranty as our regular products.  Smaller nets will have 4 mount point 18" straps and larger will have more as needed for loads.  1" web nets generally have about 4" openings and 2" web units will have 6" or slightly larger openings in the grid. Add FLC attaching points as needed for your application.


 Instructions to place a Custom Order

We offer custom build to order products for your specific vehicle or application using our superb craftsmanship and the highest caliber materials available.  All we need is a sketch or diagram with measurements of the opening and possible attachment points and as many details as possible including vehicle make and model.  We stock most common widths webbing and ballistic as well as related materials along with stainless steel hardware and even quick release pieces for opening doors on barriers or back of vehicle access.
We impose a custom quote design fee of $50 that is applied towards the product once full payment in advance is made after quote is invoiced. 

All custom or special order item sales are final. This includes any item that has been specially modified per the customer’s request, no matter how little the change may be.

Please use the LINK below to submit payments for the custom design fee.  Additional fees for redesign apply after your order has been instigated.  We only use UV resistant and saltwater grade materials so color selection may be limited.  (We won't build something that will look old and faded in a year or two of use).  Please send your diagram or questions to use here at info@raingler.com along with the best contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly.   Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in your custom project.