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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Don't see it on our website?  We can make something custom just for you!  Add this product to your cart and checkout.
  • There is a an initial design fee of $50, which is payable upon ordering.  The design charge will cover up to 30 minutes of work. Further design alterations will be charged at $125 an hour.  All design work is non-refundable.
  • Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you by email to obtain the details of what you need, and we will communicate with you to create the custom product for your vehicle and equipment.
  • All custom modified, specially embroidered or custom build production item sales are final. This includes any item that has been specially modified per the customer’s request. This will be noted on your order and may have an independent cost. We do offer an amazing number of customization options right on our online web store, and selecting an available (on our website) color of stitching is not normally considered a custom build item and is covered under our Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • After your details have been submitted, we will send you a final invoice which will need to be paid before the custom product goes into production.  Contact us for more details, pricing, information, etc. 
  • *You may also send notes with your order on the checkout page. 



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  • I'm looking for a rear window guard for a 2019 RAM Rebel. Do you already make something like this? How would it mount? Thank you. Mike.

    We do not make a window net for the rear of the Rebel.  We can certainly do this for you once mounting points have been determined.
    Here's some mounting hardware options for consideration that we offer:

  • I have a jeep Gladiator and take my dog everywhere. I am looking for cargo net like product that i can install at my rear windows that will allow my dog to stick his head out but prevent him from falling out (big dog). This would be an accessory piece to go along with the glass window, not a replacement. Thus far i have been unable to find a satisfactory product so I am also looking around for something I can convert into a window opening safety net. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    Barring the weekend node screen types on Amazon or the adjustable seatbelt leash we make, you could send us a template and we could build a net to strap around the door frame or even mount to the frame possibly with fixtures.
    submit a custom order ticket here if you'd like to get started on the latter.

  • I’m looking at getting a metal over head panel for the back of my 16 Tacoma 4 door if I sent the measurements could you make a over head net to fit around it?

    I’m certain we could.  Get a custom build in que and let’s make that happen.