Material and color information





The standard 1" webbing products for consumer use are designed primarily for the insides or interior of the vehicle.  We normally use and recommend a very high quality polypropylene webbing.  It is very durable, UV resistant, feels fairly soft to the touch and maintains a very clean look and specs at 800 PSI.


The MIL-SPEC polyester webbing is recommended for installations where the highest strength possible material containment is preferred. This material has a more rigid, rougher feel and look.  The polyester will have a sharper edge to it and can be somewhat abrasive to passengers and dogs.  This material has typically a 1300 PSI specification for 1" widths and a 2500 PSI for 2" width webbing.


The UV rated MIL-SPEC grade knitted polyester mesh insert products will have the standard webbing frame and cross supports at pull points, and a very durable and excellent visibility through the mesh screen. We recommend this in most dog containment applications up to 215 PSI. NOTE: Larger mesh style ceiling nets may have additional supporting straps not shown in stock photos.


The HYBRID version uses our standard UV rated 1" webbing and is interwoven with the UV rated 215 psi MIL-SPEC knitted polyester mesh for the strength of a webbing net and closed up openings with the mesh material.  This option is great for strength and preventing smaller items (or dog's noses) coming though the openings.  This option may be required for fleet or government applications where the normal 4" opening in a webbing net is not permitted. *During the assembly process there will be very minor variances in exact dimensions and from one unit to another.  Expect about 1" shrinkage for every 36" of length as a general rule.

Ceiling Nets made in standard or MIL-SPEC cargo net style will act as a storage pouch for gear. If you want maximum height to ceiling we recommend our MIL-SPEC with mesh or hybrid versions.

 Because of the material types, there are some differences in colors between MIL-SPEC and the standard net webbing. Shown in this example with the Olive color.


We are an in-house manufacturer with extensive production capacity on premise and so you can add custom colored stitching to your Raingler items for a unique look to match your color theme or style.  All detail stitching will be done in the color you select. There will be more structural stitching that is used for binding that will be hidden or will match the webbing in certain places and to not get too "busy" of a look on certain products. The default RAINGLER brand name logo (with Made in USA flag)  is as a red on black printed label shown here to the right.

  If Custom Stitching Option is selected, then the RAINGLER logo will be set to best match your color choice with the extra detail stitching.



The hardware that we offer has been tested extensively and exposed to the elements; in some cases nearly 20 years.  Most hardware (including our proprietary pieces) are stainless steel and many items are additionally either powder or PVC coated to further protect the item and your vehicle. Further notes on all materials and construction: Some products that are exposed to outdoors and heavy duty use will only be built in an extremely heavy duty polyester material, such as our roof rack nets. All of our standard products available here use 10 year UV rated materials and most hardware is PVC, powder coated or stainless steel for longevity.  We do not use plastic or nylon clips, snaps or fasteners as these can fail in extreme temperature and use conditions.   


We have many downloadable PDF documents and online videos that one can use here on our site and our Youtube channel, Raingler Nets & Barriers.  These are helpful and designed to view both pre-purchase and in the vehicle on mobile devices during the actual install. While we do extensive research into each vehicle that we design and build for it is possible that any particular vehicle may be different than what is depicted.  It is ultimately the owner and the installer to determine suitability and proper installation method.  More information is available on our FAQ page.