Easy and Effective Training with the Raingler Cargo Net to Transport your Dogs

DOG OWNERS - We want you to be able to take them with you!

Choice of Barrier Net: Our standard Cargo Net Barrier will have about 4" openings that; without training, your dog may try to fit their head through. We do offer a MIL-SPEC Mesh Screen option or a Hybrid Webbing and Mesh version of the barrier nets if you do not want this to be a possibility.  See options on the product page.

Whatever your choice of materials, it is very important that you keep your dog tethered while you train them to stay in back with our net.  We recommend the Cargo Hold Leash here if your dog will need training. 

Raingler Nets Material Information

Training your dog with our Barrier Nets: Just like with any other training, it takes patience and depends on the dog.  Your dog should be taught to not try to get through the net.  The net is a soft barrier to help them from not flying up in a sudden stop and to remind them where they are to stay or lay when in your vehicle. Using these nets also allows your dog a bit of freedom, rather than using a crate when you travel or just always having to leave them at home.  So by taking a little time now to teach them, you will both benefit greatly on your travels.  Please strongly consider using one of our Seatbelt Leash or Cargo Hold Leash products, to help your dog stay in position and remain even more secure. It is important to use a body harness instead of a collar when traveling. 


Mouthing and Chewing Dogs, especially Puppies: First try a spray on deterrent such as Grannick’s Bitter Apple.  Spray a bit on your finger and let the dog lick  to taste it.  Most dogs hate it and won't want to taste it again, but a few dogs actually like the taste. If that's the case, try another deterrent such as a hot pepper or even Tabasco, etc.  Once a good deterrent has been found, treat the net and areas that you want them to stay off or away from.  Consider that if they want to chew the netting, they will also likely chew other parts of the vehicle! Protect the seat head rests, cushions, the side C pillar etc.  Reapply as needed, usually after a few weeks.

Reward Good Behavior: In the driveway, roll down the windows and train them to jump into your vehicle (see video below). Then work on the “stay” command, gradually working up in time (and of course lots of praise and rewards!).  Do this for 5 minutes a day for maybe 2 weeks until they learn it well.  Then close the hatch or doors, and try time increases, moving around the car and rewarding as the time increases. Get in the front seat, reminding them to “stay” and eventually work up to a very short drive to end of driveway and back to parking spot, then around block and usually within a few weeks, they have it down.  The mindset or goal is to respect the barrier and not a free rein to try to get through it.  We don’t want to have to cage them for travels, nor do we want them roaming all over either.  


This dog door allows you to reach your pet without taking down the barrier or getting out of your vehicle. Available on most Barrier Nets as a custom option. This customization has about 10”x10” drop down “dog door” opening, usually placed about 16" from the centered bottom edge of the net barrier to fit just above the console in most vehicles.  Tough velcro attachments.  Available on Net Webbing, MIL-SPEC or Hybrid only. Option not available for MESH material version.

Raingler Nets Barrier

Raingler Nets Dog Barrier Raingler Nets Dog Barrier