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2010 - Newer Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen (N280) Behind Front Seat Barrier Divider Net

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Fits 2010 and newer 5th generation Toyota 4Runner to contain dogs and gear securely behind the front row seats.

  • Works great for letting the dogs be next to you and still not a distraction driving!
  • Much better than a loose dog in the event of a sudden stop or impact. Please also use with our adjustable length Seat Belt Snap in Leash. 
  • Includes all hardware for a strong and easy to use and release system.

  • Standard Kit is rated to 300# per side.  Heavy-duty Bolt-In Mounting Kit is rated to 600# per side.  Both allow for return to full factory appearance later if desired.

  • Custom stitching color, material and material color available.

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  • Do you have a net that can be switched from behind the front seats to behind the 2nd row seats? There are times where I may need to use the second row seating and keep the dogs in the cargo area, but most of the time they get the full back with the seats down.

    You can use the front seat barrier behind the second row in a pinch but it won't fit the contours to the sides as the specific one would.  You would want the C102 and the C119M kits here for the rear positioning.

  • How big are the openings between the mesh?

    the mesh (screen) has 1/16" openings and the cargo net webbing style has 4" openings.