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Gear Hooks

Gear Hooks

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  • Easy and sturdy way to hang bags, dog leashes, hat, FAK, lamps, pretty much anything with a loop!

  • Use on our nets, roof racks, awning, top of door jamb and tent at the camp or job site.

  • All Black PVC and powder-coated hardware and then triple bar tacked webbing.

  • Can hook either with the flat hook end as shown or with the wire loop end depending on what you want the lower hanging end to hold.

  • Lash your Raingler ceiling net to your front or rear barrier nets to close up any opening.  Great for taller dogs that want to peer over the barrier net.

  • Black steel flat hook also hooks to wire hook to lock around what you’re hanging.

  • The flat hook can hang on a door or liftgate opening outside. Great for the campsite bucket, bag or lamp.

  • Sold as a pair.


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