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2008 - Newer Toyota Land Cruiser (J200) Behind Rear 2nd Row Seats Barrier Divider Net

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Full floor-to-ceiling dog or cargo barrier partition for the Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser and Roraima.

  • Choose either 800# psi webbing for strength or 215# PSI MILSPEC mesh insert for maximum visibility.

  • Clean and easy to install and removes in a moment, rolls up and out of the way when you don't need it, or leave up all the time.

  • Mounts to factory OE points on vehicles equipped with 3rd row or cargo area overhead handles.

  • For Land Cruisers WITHOUT OEM overhead handles or owners wishing for maximum cargo area space, please order the optional hardware kit. 

  • Custom stitching color, material and material color available.

Stock photos shown. 

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  • Hi, I ordered one of the EZ nets for my 2013 land cruiser the other day, and wonder if I should have ordered this one instead. Can you help me understand the difference? Is the net part the same, just different mounting hardware? I don't have third row seats installed, so if this is the better net to have, maybe I need to switch? Thanks, Charlie

    These nets are pretty different in shape and also hardware.  Please watch the video for mnore, but the non EZ install unit can take up to 3 hours time verses maybe 30 minutes for the EZ type with all the extra mounting points that will need to be installed for the non-EZ barrier.

  • black or beige mesh same to see through? or is beige easier to see through? thanks

    The black looks very much like a residential window screen to see through.  Black is probably the best for overall visibility.