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Seat Headrest Rear Passenger Grab Handle

Seat Headrest Rear Passenger Grab Handle

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  • Fits on dual shaft style removable headrests for an easy access for passengers, a lifesaver on lifted vehicles!

  • UV resistant scuba style handle, neoprene with an injection set semi pliable core. Not a plastic handle or flimsy rubber handle that squeezes fingers together.

  • NOTE: Make sure that your vehicle has removable headrests.  Most vehicles have a tab or a small hole (about the size of a paper clip straightened) to release.  See video below for info.  Logos are embroidered on the right-hand side of the handle.

  • The last image shows flat style option. We only recommend this if the headrest must be in lowest position permanently.  This style handle hangs down about 6” from the headrest post.

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