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Roof Rack 2" Webbing Cargo Nets - By Size

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Stock photos shown.

Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  •  Completely overkill, but we never want that load to shift or need "regathering" on the road or trek.  Gobi-Desert, safari, overloading extreme-duty cargo nets in assorted sizes and so much easier than trying to deal with individual ratchet straps or rope.  Place your load up on the expedition rack and place the net over it.  Go around the sides and cinch down the net's straps and then tie up the excess to secure the entire load quickly and easily.  

  • Now available with even tougher with double layered 2500 PSI MIL-SPEC  or standard 1800 PSI webbing frame and includes 36" extension mounting straps built on at all points!

  • Measure your safari rack perimeter and allow about 4-5" of clearance for hardware if you wish to contain items below the racks top rails carrying smaller items.  If you normally load taller items, spare tires, pelican cases etc you may want a wider and/longer net to wrap completely over your load.   Note first two images of the same net, loaded and empty to base your sizing needs when ordering.

  • Net sizes are in INCHES (for example first option is a 2" webbing material width, 10" Length x 10" width etc.)  Built on mounting straps are typically about 18-38 inches apart and 36" length.  Please note: nets smaller than 34" on the shorter sides will not have a center strap built in unless custom built as an option upgrade to do so.  Note our green net with the green tarp image for an example of a 34 wide net.

  • You may add custom colored stitching, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED leaving the roof rack net on year round as bright threads may fade and lose their brightness.  Sun UV, salt and mag chloride are very hard on these colors. If you want to leave the net on full-time it is recommended to match the thread color to the webbing color or select black for contrast.

  • Fit example:    If you carry really tall loads above 26", multiple Pelican cases, totes etc. we recommend a net about 4-8" wider and longer than the rack frame to wrap over the gear.  If mostly bags, tents etc then a net that is just smaller than the rack will be fine. 

  • 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner owners: The size 58" x 82" is a larger one-piece net designed to fit the entire Gobi Desert style roof rack is a good suggestion for the extremely high profile load shown on some of these sample images on the charcoal grey 4Runner with tote cases on top.

How to Install



Tie up those loose ends!

Always make sure that your net and load is secured tightly and any extra adjustment strap material is tied up so it cannot become loose and damage your gear, net or others behind you.  *Always double check your load after it has had a chance to settle or before entering public roads or highways.



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  • Hello. I recently purchased a Yakima Skinny Warrior cargo basket and I'm looking for a suitable net for it. I'll be carrying a standard cooler, maybe two plus a few extras. Could you please provide a size that would be appropriate? Thank you!

    26" x 58" would be a good size for that basket and with the one or two coolers.

  • Do you have one for the Yakima skinnywarrior? 58x23x6

    18" x 50" is the one to get!

  • Hi, I have the 5th gen trd pro roof rack and will mostly be strapping down tents, bags, and bins ( less than 36" in height). Which netting would you recommend?

    This one

  • What size do I need for a DV8 roof rack on a Jeep Rubicon. Thanks

    50" x 66" would work well with loads up to 22" tall.  Maybe add two sets of extension straps for random slightly taller loads

  • 53 long and 49 wide cargo basket. What size net will fit for moderate size cargo

    42" x 50"

  • Hello, My cargo basket Frame Dimension: Length 64"" x Width 39"" x Height 6"". What size Roof Rack 2" Webbing Cargo Net would you recommend? Thanks!

    34" x 58" for this rack size.

  • I have a Gobi stealth roof rack (length: 88”, width 45”) what net would you recommend? We are moving so I would need to put as much as possible on top of my 2020 4runner.

    42" x 82" version.  Currently, Regular production is about 3 weeks on these or rush production is available.

  • What size would you recommend for a 5th Gen 4Runner with a Gobi Stealth, but without the sunroof insert? I would buy another net for that area if and when I decide to use the sunroof insert on my Gobi.

    Here's the one.

  • My rack is 30" by 51" and 4" tall. Won't be carrying taller than about 12". What size do you recomend? I'm guessing the 26" X 50" would do it?

    Could even go the 26" x 42".  The rings and buckles add about 3-4" to the center grid size and have still 36" of strap on all sides.

  • What size cargo net would work with the Gobi Stealth rack on a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2)? Specs say it’s 47” x 70.5”.

    42" x 66" would be the suggested size for this Goni Stealth rack.  This would only have about 2" on each side of tye nets grid and near exactly perfect with the buckles when carrying a low, flat load.  Consider extra extension straps for loads above 22"-24" tall.

  • My prinsu rack for my 5th gen 4runner measures 47x58, what size do you recommend? It’s mostly gonna be used for luggage.

    You will want tye 42" x 58" size for this Prinsu rack.  Consider the set of extension straps for any need to ever carry taller loads than 24".

  • I have a Rola vortex roof rack on my 4Runner. The dimensions of the rack are 48x37.5x4. What net size would you recommend?

    34 x 42 would be the best size.  Pick up a set or two of the extra extension 4 packs for anything else that may be extra tall.

  • I have a 2020 4runner with prinsu full rack. Which cargo net should i get? Thanks

    We show exterior dimensions of 47x92".  

    you'd want the 42" x 82" if that is correct dimensions for yours.  Please verify internal dimensions and contact us if further questions 

  • Hi, I have a 2007 Wrangler Rubicon JKU with a Garvin Expedition roof rack. The Dimensions of the rack are: 54" W X 93.5" L with 4" H sides. I'll be carrying tents. duffles, and medium size Pelican cases. What size would you recommend? Thank you!

    The 50" x 90" would be the recommendation with that Garvin rack.

  • Hi, I have Front Runner slimline ii roof rack: I'm planning to just have low profile items, nothing huge, on top. Which size would you recommend me getting? Thanks

    The 42" x 42" should do this nicely.

  • I have a 3/4 prinsu rack on my 2017 4runner, what size of webbing cargo net would you recommend?

    This is our 3/4 net at 50" in length.  Please double check the dimension or can build any of these sizes

  • I have a Yakima Skinny Warrior Basket (58in long/23in wide/6.5in high). what size would you recommend? jack

    We recommend that you order one step down from your measurements. So for a 58x23 basket, you would order the 18x50 size in a 2" Roof Rack Net. If you are carrying taller loads, you may consider adjusting the measurements to include the taller loads. 
    Watch this video for more details on measuring for your custom size roof rack nets.

  • Hi, what size you can recommend for 2020 4 runner venture special edition on its Yakima roof basket ?

    We always suggest measuring your rack before ordering. From information we found, that rack is 52" by 48" so we recommend choosing the next size down, which would be 42" x 50". 
    If you're carrying tall loads, or would like more information on how to measure for the correct roof rack net fit, check out this video here.
    Feel free to contact us at for further assistance.

  • Part Number for the best cargo net that will fit on top of a 2019 Gobie Ranger Rack for a 2019 4Runner. Thanks!

    Here is the net

  • I have an eerie awn k9 flat rack that measures 49x63. What size cargo net do you recommend? Thank you

    We always suggest measuring then going the next step down when ordering. So for your 49x63 measurement, the best fit on a 2" net would be 42x58 for carrying standard height items on the rack. If you are carrying taller items, you may consider a larger size. 
    Here's a video that might be helpful to you when ordering:

  • I have a gobi rack for a 4Runner. Here are the dimensions: 79” length x 42” wide: from top bar to top bar 71” length x 42” wide: bottom section where cargo would sit Here is a picture: I will be filling up the entire bottom cargo section, but not stacking anything nor putting anything that is tall. Items will consist of chairs, sleeping bags, tents, canopy, etc. What size netting would you recommend?

    This is the one 

  • I have a 2020 4Runner TRD Pro. Need a cover need over the stock rack. Plan on carrying sleeping bags and tents on top. What’s the ideal net size?

    This is the one we build just for these TRD

  • Hi, I’m looking for a cargo net to use in a Roof rack of a Jeep JKU 2013 to hold some gear. The platform dimensions of the roof rack is 72” x 56”. What sizes would you recommend?

    The 50x66 would do nicely. Pick up a set of the extension straps with it for unusually large sized items.

  • i would like to get a webbing for my factory rail on a 2019 4runner (non trd-pro) what size would you recommend?

    We unfortunately don't list the exact size for the OEM rails but it is very most likely similar in size to the aftermarket racks for the 4Runner here being it's the same basic location and our nets are very adjustable.

  • Rooftop basket size 80" x 48". Load hight is usually 16" - 18" tall. What size net would work best. I intent to keep it on the basket full time. Thanks

    42 x 74 would be that size.  The built on straps will accommodate for that load height.  Grab some extra tie down straps we have in case you need much taller on occasion.

  • My rack is 54" x 60". Which size should I use for normal loads?

    50" x 58" would be spot on size for the rack you have.

  • I have a Gobi stealth rack measuring 42.5" x 82" on my Nissan Xterra. I typically store a few pelican boxes and propane tanks on top. What would be the suggested measurements I should order?

    The 42” x 82” net we have would be perfect for the GOBI rack there.  It has built on adjustment straps to allow for loads up to 24” high easily.  Add a 4pack of extension straps to carry along for anything unexpected taller in back.

  • Looking for some clarification on your net description:"Now available with even tougher with double layered 2500 PSI MIL-SPEC or standard 1800 PSI webbing frame and includes 36" extension mounting straps built on at all points." Does this mean that on the 2" webbing, the mounting straps are all 36" already?

    Yes, already built on ready to use.

  • What’s the difference between milspec and standard webbing?


    The standard webbing products for consumer use are designed primarily for the insides or interior of the vehicle.  We normally use and recommend a very high quality polypropylene webbing.  It is very durable, UV resistant, feels fairly soft to the touch and maintains a very clean look and specs at 800 PSI. Maximum stretch is 5%@400lbs.


    The MIL-SPEC polyester webbing is recommended for installations where the highest strength possible material containment is preferred. This material has a more rigid, rougher feel and look.  The polyester will have a sharper edge to it and can be somewhat abrasive to passengers and dogs.  This material has typically a 1300 PSI specification for 1" widths and a 2500 PSI for 2" width webbing. Zero stretch (even wet)@400lbs.

    Please check this link for more information on material types and the differences.

  • I have the warrior platform roof rack for my jl 4 door the specs say 57.5 x 51.25 Can you advise please

    The 42" x 50" size would allow you to have the net fully tensioned down tight even with a flat piece of plywood here:

  • My roof rack is 39x39. What is the best cargo net to buy on your site...34x34? Or should I go custom built either 38x38 or 39x39 ?

    The 34x34 is about an exact fit as you could go.  Each mounting buckle along the perimeter takes up about 2-1/2 inches so nets grid is 34”+2.5” for one sides buckles and then other sides buckles + 2.5” = 39”

  • Hello, few questions, I have a Land `Rover Defender with a rack that measures 72” long and 52” I carry tote boxes, tents etc on the rear half the rack, the rest is for my hi lift jack and roto pax cans, that are bolted down to the rack frame, what size would you recommend,, 2” webbing, considering I need only half the rack covered Thanks Do you ship to the UK? Thanks

    The 34” x 42” size would be spot on for this purpose.  You may wish to remove the two center straps when you get it up on top depending on the floor of the rack if no points to anchor easily but normally you could just leave it as is.  If you send a picture of the rack to us at can advise most accurately.  Ship worldwide including UK no problem. Carrier options are often available at checkout.

  • My cargo basket Frame Dimension: Length 67.6"" x Width 41.4"" x Height 8.42"". What size Roof Rack 2" Webbing Cargo Net would you recommend? Thanks for your help.

    34x58 would be the suggested size for that rack size. Consider adding a pack or two of the extension straps for extra capacity if needed. Here's a short video if more info is needed:  

  • What size would you recommend for gobi stealth rack 2018 4runner? Looking to put backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and pelican cases on top.

    Heres the full length one specifically for that rack
    We also make a 2 piece version on our roof racks page.  Questions to

  • What size would you recommend for a Teraflex Nebo roof rack. It's 43" (between rails) and 45-1/2" long. Thanks!

    Recommend the 42" x 42" for this.  If you have the eyelets on the cross bars on it I would alos add two pair of the C111HD quick release clips to make loading and unloading one handed and a seconds process to load/unload gear under the net.

  • Hi, do you know what size cargo net I should get for a prinslu roof rack on a 2018 Toyota Tacoma double cab? I just ordered the prinslu rack so I can’t take measurements yet. Thanks

    Hi,  We have done many roof rack manufacturers products and some have us design specifically for their products.  I would contact Prinsu directly and get the measurements as sometimes even if we have a file, specifications can and do change from the rack manufacturer.  Once you have the LxW dimension feel free to use the sizing video below or just give a call.