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Roof Rack 2" Webbing Cargo Nets - By Size

Roof Rack 2" Webbing Cargo Nets - By Size

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  • Completely overkill, but we never want that load to shift or need "regathering" on the road or trek.  Gobi-Desert, safari, overloading extreme-duty cargo nets in assorted sizes and so much easier than trying to deal with individual ratchet straps or rope.  Place your load up on the expedition rack and place the net over it.  Go around the sides and cinch down the net's straps and then tie up the excess to secure the entire load quickly and easily.

  • Now available with even tougher with double layered 2500 PSI MIL-SPEC  or standard 1800 PSI webbing frame and includes 36" extension mounting straps built on at all points!

  • Measure your safari rack perimeter and allow about 4-5" of clearance for hardware if you wish to contain items below the racks top rails carrying smaller items.  If you normally load taller items, spare tires, pelican cases etc you may want a wider and/longer net to wrap completely over your load.   Note first two images of the same net, loaded and empty to base your sizing needs when ordering.

  • Net sizes are in INCHES (for example first option is a 2" webbing material width, 10" Length x 10" width etc.)  Built on mounting straps are typically about 18-38 inches apart and 36" length.  Please note: nets smaller than 34" on the shorter sides will not have a center strap built in unless custom built as an option upgrade to do so.  Note our green net with the green tarp image for an example of a 34 wide net.

  • You may add custom colored stitching, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED leaving the roof rack net on year round as bright threads may fade and lose their brightness.  Sun UV, salt and mag chloride are very hard on these colors. If you want to leave the net on full-time it is recommended to match the thread color to the webbing color or select black for contrast.

  • Fit example:    If you carry really tall loads above 26", multiple Pelican cases, totes etc. we recommend a net about 4-8" wider and longer than the rack frame to wrap over the gear.  If mostly bags, tents etc then a net that is just smaller than the rack will be fine. 

  • 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner owners: The size 58" x 82" is a larger one-piece net designed to fit the entire Gobi Desert style roof rack is a good suggestion for the extremely high profile load shown on some of these sample images on the charcoal grey 4Runner with tote cases on top.

How to Install



Tie up those loose ends!

Always make sure that your net and load is secured tightly and any extra adjustment strap material is tied up so it cannot become loose and damage your gear, net or others behind you.  *Always double check your load after it has had a chance to settle or before entering public roads or highways.


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