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1999 - 2015 Nissan Xterra Interior Mini Ceiling Attic Storage

$ 49.99


Smaller sized overhead ceiling storage unit great for blankets, jackets etc up out of the view and way.

Inexpensive and makes an amazing amount of storage in an unused location and uses OEM mounts in the ceiling. Keeps gear out of view, great adjustability for larger items.  

NOTE: see install document if your vehicle does NOT have factory installed ceiling mounts.

Mesh and Hybrid versions will cover the center roof mounted shoulder harness.  If the center seat belt is used we recommend one of our Webbing Net versions (or user will have to modify and cut a small pass through opening in the unit).

All Raingler products are hand built in Colorado and offer 10 year UV and rust proof rating, MOLLE compatible products and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser. Our nets are designed with maximum visibility looking out and longevity. Raingler is the original extreme net manufacturer with units in use worldwide (civilian, government and military applications) since 1999.

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