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MIL-SPEC Mesh Bag - Match my product size

MIL-SPEC Mesh Bag - Match my product size

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  • Very high quality MIL-SPEC Mesh Bag to store your Raingler Net, camping gear, dog stuff, clothes to air out and more! Much better than the import junk you've no doubt experienced before.

  • Made with 215 psi ripstop material, heavy duty 550 paracord and nylock drawstring.

  • Sizes are approximate laid flat, in inches with high quality military grade mesh, 550 paracord drawstring in your selected color with nylon lock and sewn on Raingler logo. 

  • Interesting BACK STORY   
    • These came out of our goal working towards ZERO-WASTE.  When we build other products using the mesh material, we have scraps and pieces that couldn't be used left over from huge rolls of the material.  We had been donating the leftover pieces to artists and costume designers but still had excess material.  It so happened about the same time, our customers had been asking for us to make a bag to keep their Raingler gear in when they weren't needing it in place and so the idea to repurpose the mesh into these bags came about.  We are nearly no waste now having eliminated the biggest culprit in production.  All webbing 3" of longer is turned into hardware tethers and other than some thread and a few broken sewing needles here and there we are very happy with the low impact we are having on the environment.
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