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Dog Training Leash - Cargo area

Dog Training Leash - Cargo area

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  • *When traveling with your pups, please only use extension leashes attached to a dog harness. Attaching it to their collar could result in injury to the dog.

  • Clip to your dog's harness, and the other end to the cargo holds in your cargo area to secure your pup where you don't have a seatbelt. 

  • This add on also clips to our seatbelt leash, to create a tandem leash for both your dogs! It makes walking two dogs so much easier because it’s one leash that has two leads, and they won’t get tangled. Add-a-leash is adjustable 20”-33”   ring to snap clip.

  • There are multiple uses for this product: 

  • 1. extension can make a single seatbelt leash into a double leash for two dogs

  • 2. extension can be used to mount to cargo ring

  • 3. extension can be used to make seatbelt leash longer when walking dog 

  • 4. It's not just for the dog! Extension can be used to strap down cargo, too. 

  • 5. Clip to clothes when jogging or hiking to go hands free. 

  •   Our leash is made with MIL-SPEC and UV rated 1200PSI material, and PVC coated heavy duty stainless steel snap clip. 

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