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Install Kit - C100M+C102

Install Kit - C100M+C102

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  • Kit includes hardware pieces C100M and C102

  • These are kits normally included with our Net products.  But we know that sometimes you may need a new set for reinstalling a net into a new vehicle (since we take pride in knowing most of our nets will outlast the original vehicle that they were installed in!) 

  • Install kit for assorted ceiling and barrier nets. Products that need this kit are below (listed alphabetically by make/model):

2007 - 2011 Honda CR-V Behind Front Seats Barrier Divider Net

2004 - Newer Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Ceiling Attic Net

2016 - Newer Nissan Titan Crew Cab Ceiling Attic Net RMN1

2004 - 2013 Nissan Navara Ceiling Attic Net

1990 - 2002 Toyota 4Runner 2nd - 3rd Gen Behind 2nd Row Seats Rear Barrier Divider Net

2014 - Newer Toyota Highlander Behind 2nd Row Seats Rear Barrier Divider Net


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