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Fridge Mount Strap Set

Fridge Mount Strap Set

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  •  Secure your fridge, solidly and still maintain our easy-to-release buckle set for cleaning or removal.  Much stronger and more adjustable up than the freebie set most refrigerator manufacturers include.

  • The Fridge Mount Kit uses a total of four (4) Raingler* straps with salt-water resistant black coated cam buckles.

  • Fits most all slides or use for cabin or bed floor mounting.

  • Includes your choice of stainless steel footman mounts or black coated chassis anchor plates (like seat belt mount plates) and bar tacked tethers with stainless steel welded D rings hardware kit for 4 point mounting. 
    *Shown on last image with optional C109-W PVC coated steel anchor hooks (sold in pairs)

  • *Production units will have one Raingler logo'd strap included.

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