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C115/C119 Chassis Bolt Extension Strap Hardware Kit

C115/C119 Chassis Bolt Extension Strap Hardware Kit

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  • Use in tight or hard to get to anchoring anchoring locations such as under seats, door latch bolts, or on seat belt bolts. Anywhere a strong anchoring point is needed and an angled and flexible extension makes it easier to access.

  • 600# bracket anchor plate angled mount and welded 3/8" I.D. stainless steel D ring.  

  • Hardware anchor plate is available in 2 sizes round hole diameter of C115 (15mm) and C119 (19mm) in SKU. Small is 2.25" strap length, Medium is 3" strap length, Large is 4.5" strap length, Extra Long is 6" strap length.  *Built-on Hardware adds an additional 2.5" to the total length and 1.25" Inside center of mounting holes.

  • Sold as a pair.  

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