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C105RW PVC Coated Stainless Steel Square Ring with Bolt Hardware Kit

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  • PVC coated stainless steel square rings with metric" bolts

  • Stainless rubber backed and larger fill fender type washers

  • For cargo webbing and other mounting point attachments

  • Exceeds OEM spec for Toyota and other manufacturers

  • 1" square. 3/8" hole on mount tab



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  • Hi there, what is the size of these

    1" square. 3/8" hole on mount tab.

  • Hello, I have a 2016 4Runner and was interested in the bolt on grab handles. I was looking at the handles that would go above the 2nd row seats so passengers could use them. In this video: around the 41 second mark, it shows the hardware kit "C105RW" that will be needed since there are not any existing bolts. This kit seems to show there will be the white plastic sliders that will be used to create the female piece for the bolt. I was looking at this hardware kit: but it doesn't show the white plastic pieces. Are the white plastic pieces included in this kit or is there another one I should look into that has the white plastic that can be inserted and will be the anchor? Thanks for your help.

    are the toggles that this bolt in handle for your 4Runner includes with the bolts.