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2018 - Newer Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door 3 Piece Net System

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Seriously!  If you're overland road tripping, camping, have pups, or just get tired of your gear shifting & falling out when you open the tailgate. Get this set up of Raingler Nets and keep your stuff inside your Jeep. 

  • Package set is 3 pieces - 2 side window nets for the rear cargo area, and 1 rear window net. 

  • Side window net pair - each have black all-steel adjusting cam buckles.  No plastic snap or sliding lock that crack under use or just with sun and age.

  • Back window extends coverage from the rear overhead speakers back to the tailgate area with adjustable straps built on and stainless rings are now black PVC coated for extra protection and a clean look. Adjustable black metal cam buckle  points to existing roll bar and body locations with no modification.

  • Built in Quick Release steel hooks allow you to set the windows so that they can be easily opened for side loading or set tight to "lock" them in. Kids love to climb in the side up off the tire, making memories stuff!

  • Extreme attention to detail and very high quality materials and have a lifetime warranty on them.

  • Can be installed and works with or without OEM, aftermarket tops and bikini shade covers (not included). No modifications required. 

  • SAVE! Extended rear window net is now upgraded with this package and include the black steel release hooks too!

  • No need to remove or do anything to raise or lower soft tops and works with all factory and known aftermarket tops. 

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  • By adding the quick release hooks, does this allow me to lift the back window netting to allow the dog to jump in?

    This would allow just that ability.

  • What’s the difference between your net webbing and the military spec webbing?

    Material info

  • Hello, Your product looks great. I was wondering if your have any pictures of the netting with a soft top in folded down position at the back.

    Here's a similar set on another year but shows the same look.   Extended back window nets have extra adjustment to allow the net to sit flush out of way of soft top bows

  • This covers the rear and both sides windows for complete rear coverage?

    Exactly correct.  Pair of sides windows and the extended back window including the quick releases for all three nets. You can add an optional divider to the front seats, but is not included in the package set.

  • Does this fit with a hard top on?

    Hard top, soft top or no top.  Works with Bikini sunshade style as well.