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2014 - Newer Jeep Cherokee (KL) Full Ceiling Attic Net

2014 - Newer Jeep Cherokee (KL) Full Ceiling Attic Net

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  • Discover a whole area of storage capacity that you didn't know you had in the 2014 - Newer Jeep Cherokee (KL)!

  • Adjustable ceiling attic net for light items, jackets, winter gear and first aid kits.

  • Fits up nice and high but adjustable for larger loads.  

  • Simple to install with basic tools.  

  • Includes required metal hardware and allows for a full return to factory appearance later if desired.

  • Webbing net versions come with 4" or smaller openings. Ceiling Nets made in standard cargo net webbing style will act as a storage area for hanging, affixing carabiners or stowing soft gear larger than the 4 openings. If you want maximum height to ceiling or carry smaller items we recommend our mesh or hybrid versions.

  • Custom stitching color, material and material color available. 

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