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2012 - Newer Jeep Grand Cherokee Cargo Area Net

2012 - Newer Jeep Grand Cherokee Cargo Area Net

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  • Rear cargo area net to keep your gear in check and secure.

  • Super strong polyester high capacity 1200 PSI UV rated 1" wide BLACK (only) MILSPEC material for safety and load hauling cargo applications. Fleet, USGS, USFS rated.

  • Includes 4 mount points  on standard model and 6 straps for Extra Heavy Duty version for multiple mounting options to floor and heavy duty caliber snap release clips for effortless cargo loading and unloading with one handed release control.

  • First image shows Standard Model (stock photo), all other photos show Extra Heavy Duty Model. 

  • Includes one pair of quick release snap clips for faster access.

  • Custom stitching color, material and material color available.

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