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2010 - Newer Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen (N280) Behind 2nd Row Rear Seat Special Application Barrier Net - 4-Point

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  • The Raingler 4Runner 4 Point Barrier Divider Net was designed out of customer request for fridge door opening, coolers, large cargo containers, and other drawer storage systems.  Watch the video before ordering this more involved and limited application barrier net.

  • NOTE: This model is built for forward (top of C pillar) fixed mounting only and requires the installation in the video below. For the easiest, no drilling installation barrier please consider the 6 or 8 point models instead on our 4Runner collections page.  

  • It is highly recommended to use this net in conjunction with one of our ceiling nets (sold separately) to close up the back cargo area as this barrier mounts at the top of the C pillar trim panel.   This net is designed for the 2 row equipped 4 runner.  It can be adapted to an originally 3 row equipped model with the C115XL kit although would be suited best in that model (and also works very well in 2 row versions) if using a drawer type system on the cargo area floor.

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  • Will the net allow the 2nd row seats to fold forward without disassembly?

    Yes it will.  Independent of the seat, just fold as they do now.

  • What is the dimension of the 4 point vs 6 point upper barrier for the 5th gen 4Runner? Specifically the width dimensions at the top and bottom.

    The top and bottom are very much the same as they can attach to the same points. 43" and 51"
    (6 point would use our forward mount option to do this).  The main difference is that the 6 point also attaches to the middle wider out point. and that the 6point can be installed in a much quicker process with the standard mount kit. You can see this is releation to the coverage on the upright seat back in some of the images. If you need something more, please reply to

  • Does this net allow for the rear seats on the 5th gen 4Runner to still be reclined or no?

    Yes it does.  The standard kit will allow full reclining in the back seats.