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2005 - newer Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Ceiling Attic Net

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*Stock photos shown. Default/Base Model is black.
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Carry jackets, hats, gloves and other soft work and needed easily items. Up, out of the way and super accessible!  

Fits from above and behind headrest at top of B pillar, connecting to overhead handles and then back to rear hook position. Includes all PVC and stainless mount points and adjustable cargo straps for a solid and easy installation that allows for full return to factory appearance later if desired.  

Ceiling Nets made in standard or MIL-SPEC cargo net style will act as a storage pouch for gear. If you want maximum height to ceiling we recommend our MIL-SPEC with mesh or hybrid versions.



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  • do you have any pics of the hybrid net/mesh?

    Yes  Added a few of a Hybrid version