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2003 - 2009 Toyota 4Runner 4th Gen J120 Behind Front Seats Barrier Divider Net

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Block off the back area on your 2002 - 2009 Toyota 4Runner 4th Generation to contain dogs and gear behind the front row seats with adjustable mil-spec cam buckles, upper and lower stainless welded D ring hardware and anchor plates for a super strong and quick release system.  

Fits Toyota J120 body including Prado and Lexus GX470


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  • Literally go off grid using my 2005 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 and sleep in the rear cargo area with my overly expensive bicycle. Two items interest. One is the Front Seat Barrier which I would use with some blackout curtains for privacy. The other is an storage above. Wonder what items you would recommend as I am hoping top storage area could hold one of the fat bike wheel and tire (about 35lb) Anyway just looking at option using you netting has advantage as I can contact my blackout curtains along the back and sides as well for privacy. Thoughts???

    For the front barrier, the Hybrid material option would have the strength of the 800lb webbing net and added 215psi milspec mesh woven and sewn in.  It would "shade" the area and somewhat make it harder to see in but we can also work with Cordura, Ballistic, dry bag material etc for a fully closed up option and still build as this barrier with quick release buckles etc. You could alos just hang a blanket or dark towels etc over net for a super simple solution.
     Any of the ceiliung net options could store the 35 lbs.  You may want a hybrid or net style to allow you to also hook and hang items under it.  I use carabineer LED Nitecore flashfights inside and are very useful clipped to the ceiling net.
      Email to followup if anything more we can help out on.