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2010 - Newer Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen (N280) Back Window Barrier Net

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Perfect nice weather solution for dog owners!

  • Leave your 4Runner back window down and know that your dog will be safe inside and not hanging over or jumping out while you are away.  

  • Our MILSPEC mesh and Hybrid versions will also deter kids or people from reaching in to your dogs or your gear.  

  • The back 4Runner window net can be hooked just to the interior allowing the liftgate to open freely or hook onto the liftgate when window is down for the dogs pr just extra fresh air parked or driving.

  • Mounts into place in less than a minute (once fixtures are installed) and releases in seconds, then open the liftgate to let your dog out or roll up the window glass right there with the key control.  

  • The net can roll up; snap clips hook to ceiling or push into our overhead ceiling nets and add convenience. Stow leashes, treats and other gear.

  • Hooks into all factory locations with our upgraded black powder-coated steel hardware for all anchor points.  Vehicle requires no modification and can return to full factory condition later if desired.

  • Takes about an hour to initially install fixtures with basic hand tools. 

  • Custom stitching color, material and material color available.

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  • 2021 4 runner premium . Do you have a model that fits. Square size? Can hatch open and can window open and close without interfering? Thx

    This will fit all 5th gen 4Runner including 2021.  It is actually a trapezoid shape to match the window area more precisely.  Here's the process to open the hatch with the net fully attached.

  • Does this have anchor points on the back pillar that have to be drilled into the frame, or is there a way to set up with no drilling?

    Uses all factory location with no drilling for standard installation.  See video here for more detail.

  • Hello, I am interested in the 2010 - Newer Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen (N280) Back Window Barrier Net but have a couple questions before ordering. 1.) It seems as though all necessary hardware come with the kit, so what is the option to add the FOOTMAN KIT (REQUIRES PANEL MODIFICATION) $ 14.99? What does the Footman kit come with? Does this address the topic of my second question?.... 2.) I would prefer to mount the net to the lift gate so that it could be opened without having to unhook the net from the gate. From the Q&A it seems this would make it a custom order, which would then add another $50 to the cost. Is this correct? This seems like a custom order that has been filled before and thus no design work should need to be done. Just trying to get an understanding of the process and cost.

    Hi,  The footman kit is normally not needed at all as the included hooks are designed to fit at the edge of the trim easily and securly.  If you want to lift up the hatch without any unhooking, simply leave them unhooked in th emiddle on that trim egde as they will still . be anbchored at the corner mounts inside the cargo area.  The Q&A about the custom build is a request for a window net that would attach 100% at all points to the liftgate and would not be the same dimensions or mounting at all as this item.  Feel free to give us a call if you'd have more questions regarding options or installation.

  • Is it possible to install this on a 2004 4Runner?

    It is very specific for the later models.  We'd be happy to create one for the 4th gen model though.  If interested, please inquire at

  • Does this include a net to keep the dog from getting in the back seat or is that sold separate?

    This is just the back window net assembly for the 4Runner's awesome rolling down back window.  The barrier net behind the 2nd row seat is available separately:

  • When order this kit for the 5th gen back window barrier net, will I have everything i need to install it like in the video, given to me in the box it all comes in? like the straps that mount into the d pilar, and the two hooks to go along side the top of the rear window?

    Everything is included with the net.

  • Is there an option for installing the rear window net so it is mounted to the liftgate? Then the net would be able to up and down with the liftgate and there would be no interference with the window.

    We looked at this designing the current one. It can be done but would be a permanent modification to the lift gate.  If you are ok with that just request it as a custom build item and we will be happy to do:

  • What is the footman kit offered with this rear window net?

    It's an alternate and optional mounting position for the window edge hooks.  They are a permanent modification but add a more rugged look to the anchor point that normally sits along the plastic trim edge.  Here is what they look like:
    ny replies please send to

  • Do you have a video on operation? Also what is the difference with and without the footman kit? Can you explain what that is?

    The video it s expected to be up in the next week or so showing operation and connection options to allow it to be in place with window up or down. Perfect for dusty road traveling.

  • I see you guys finally came out with the back window net. 2010 - newer Toyota 4Runner 5th gen back window net. Looks good. So can the rear window roll up and down with this in place, or do you have to remove it each time you want the window up and down. Also how do you add the footman kit when purchasing? Does this allow the window to operate with the net in place and use the hatch without removal? Cost? Pictures of the kit and how it hooks up? Thanks, Luke

    Hi and thank you! This has been updated with two quick release tabs to open the liftgate but they do not have to be released to raise or lower the rear glass. .   Will have a video install and use up here shortly as well to show it's operation.