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2019 - newer Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO Base Roof Rack Net

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible. Custom options may not be available for all products.


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  • Made specifically for the Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO roof rack

  • Platform base rack net is designed to keep your gear and luggage off the roof’s paint and provides extra attachment lashing points.  

  • All Black hardware and extremely stout PVC coated anchor rings for securing options.

How to Install: Example Video How to Install a Raingler Net.


Tie up those loose ends! Always make sure that your net and load is secured tightly and any extra adjustment strap material is tied up so it cannot become loose and damage your gear, net or others behind you.  *Always double check your load after it has had a chance to settle or before entering public roads or highways.



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  • I’m considering getting the Baja TRD Pro insert basket that fits into the OEM TRD Pro rack. I want to know if this netting will be able to fit over that basket/rack combo or if there is a better option you provide.

    Would recommend the 34" x 42" rack net HERE instead for this Baja Rack Basket.

  • I see that there is an option for a matching net for an extra $159. What is that? I am looking to use the cross bars of my 2020 TRD Pro rack to place my luggage on and then secure them down. Is this the product I need?

    It will get you a second net identical to the first at a discount.  You can then use one net under the gear (and off the roof paint) and the second net over the top of the gear.

  • “Stout PVC coated anchor rings”. Is this a metal anchor ring with a plastic powder coat? Additionally, are the buckles metal or plastic PVC?

    Correct on the rings and the cam buckles are black coated steel.

  • How does the olive color match up to the 2020 TRD Pro Army Green color?

    Toyota Military Green
    Order a sample for the best comparison.

    Hope that helps but i think it's a good complimenting shade of olive although textile and paint will never be an exact 100% match as the lighting changes.

  • I have a Gobi stealth roof rack With a sunroof insert for a 2019 Toyota TRD off road 4Runner Not sure if I want a full size net or a net to cover from the sunroof insert to the rear what sizes would you recommend for both. Will be carrying medium size luggage and general camping gear and firewood on occasion.

    Full length net for the Gobi

    From Sunroof back Net

    Both have the 36" straps built on, but we also make extension sets available for them

  • Does the cargo go on top of this net or does this go on top to secure the cargo?

    It's designed to do either.  When using on top of a load it has built on 3' straps along all perimeter edges to concur the gear down.

  • i have a 2019 trd 4runner - want this for the roof basket - what are the dimensions of the net itself

    26” x 34” center grid area.