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Heavy-Duty Truck Tailgate Nets

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Stock photos shown.

Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible.


  • Extreme duty tailgate net with adjustable straps and MIL-SPEC and UV rated cam-buckles, and UV rated 1" webbing.

  • Includes built on extensions to allow for oversized items.  This is not a cheaply manufactured auto parts store flapping in the wind thing that you throw away after it falls apart in a year or so. 

  •  Use OEM or aftermarket locations for the hinge and factory tie down points.

  • NOTE:  The corner rings have been eliminated to allow for an even tighter to sides fit.  


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  • I have a Dodge Ram and someone took my tailgate and I would like to replace it with a tailgate net. My challenge is that I don’t understand your sizing... My tailgate width form edge to edge is 64 inches and my height is 20 to 22 inches depending on where I place the net. Which net would I buy? I am currently looking at your heavy duty truck tailgate nets. Thanks

    16x56 is the size we run on our shop 2015 2500 RAM shown in pics.  You can run up to a 16” or 21x61 if you don’t want that little gap at the sides too.

  • Looking for a net that I could put across the back section of a Honda element, so I could lift the hatch and my dogs would be safe

    It is a great idea to keep them from leaping out when it opens as well.  Just need the size you want here (or a custom if you need very precise) and install mounting points if more are needed than the factory ones for your Element.  Look on our hardware page, probably the footman loops are the most common for this type install.  or email us for more assistance determing: