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Cosmetic BLEM 46"x46" cargo net

$ 119.03 $ 199.99

        Zeff; our 2 y/o Border Collie and sewing extraordanaire ,was in a rush to go play this weekend and evidently didn't measure twice and sew once! Some of the openings are between 3" and up to 5" wide when the customer wanted 4" openings! It won't matter a whole lot and chances are no one would ever notice or care but here we have it available for duty in your vehicle.

Actual unit shown laid out flat.

Shown in the back of the Cherokee is an identical style of net, note the sizing of this one above. Shown in the parking lot is a very apologetic un-named Border Collie. Very sorry , but happy someone gets an amazing deal on this net.

ONE custom size 46" x 46" grid cargo net made of black 800# PSI webbing and 36" long adjustable straps with black military cam buckles and stainless-steel anchor rings coated in thick PVC. The entire surround on this net is also double layered material to make it extra stout! Sold as a blem but carries the full warranty.

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