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Chassis bolt extension strap set C115

Use in tight or hard to get to anchor points such as under seats, door latch bolts, or on seat belt bolts.  Anywhere a strong anchoring point is needed and an angled and flexible extension makes it easier to access. 600# bracket and welded stainless steel D ring.  

NOTE: Sold as a pair.

Small is 3.5" ID

Medium is 4.5" ID

Large is 6" ID

*ID is 3/8" bolt opening to inside of welded stainless d ring

All Raingler products are hand built in Colorado and offer 10 year UV and rust proof rating, MOLLE compatible products and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser. Our nets are designed with maximum visibility looking out and longevity. Raingler is the original extreme net manufacturer with units in use worldwide (civilian, government and military applications) since 1999.

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