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1990 - 2009 Toyota 4Runner, Prado, Lexus GX (J120) 2 - 4 Gen Barrier Divider

Floor to ceiling barrier/divider webbing net or mesh screen for the 2 - 4th generation 1990-2009 4Runner. Easy to install and remove as desired or drop back as a cargo area cover to factory floor cargo mounts. 

REQ'D C100M installed at the top edge under plastic trim to metal inner structure leaving steel D-ring tethers for easy removal and re-installation.

OPT: C107S* installs to floor in cargo area and above wheel well.  Most vehicles can use OE mounts/seat brackets and catches for middle and lower mounts.

All Raingler products are hand built in Colorado and offer 10 year UV and rust proof rating, MOLLE compatible products and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to original purchaser. Our nets are designed with maximum visibility looking out and longevity. Raingler is the original extreme net manufacturer with units in use worldwide (civilian, government and military applications) since 1999.Includes required hardware: C100M(upper)


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