• Raingler products will only use the highest caliber and proven components in our products.  We do not strive to build the cheapest product we can; but carefully craft the product that will still be in service and functioning fully years, if not decades from now.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and we offer a 30 day zero-hassle guarantee!
  • We never know what our products will encounter.  Any condition or application around the globe, land, air or sea, and all of us here take pride in our very high-quality performance cargo nets.  Owners report that their Raingler product still looks and performs like new after 15 or more years of heavy-duty use. 
  • When your needs or vehicle changes, the Raingler net will still be of a high value should you need to sell it.  We DO NOT believe in filling landfills with planned obsolesce, throw-away products.
  • We believe in employing only the most skilled craftsmen and women that take great pride in building a very high quality piece of gear that we hope will be of great use and make your travels and transport worry free and provide convenience as well.    We precision design and build each unit in our shop in Colorado USA. We source as much as possible from local suppliers and are Berry Amendment compliant for specific government applications. 
  • We continually design new products per request and redesign to further improve existing applications based on customer field feedback and as new techniques and materials become available.  The products evolve and improve based upon thousands and thousands of pieces in all kinds of environments and use around the world for roughly 20 years now.
  • We intend for your Raingler item to last at least as long as you own your vehicle and we proudly stand behind our work.    We build it and put our name on it.  We sincerely CARE about what we build for you, your family, pets and cargo needs.                                                     

    DOG OWNERS - We want you to be able to take them with you!

    Choice of Barrier Net: Our standard Net Webbing will have openings that, without training, your dog may try to fit their head through.  We do offer a mesh only or a hybrid webbing and mesh version of the barrier nets if you do not want this to be a possibility, see options on the product page.

    Training your dog with our Barrier NetsJust like with any other training, it takes patience and depends on the dog(s).  Your dog should be taught to not try to get through the net.  The net is a soft barrier to help them from not flying up in a sudden stop and to remind them where they are to stay or lay when in your vehicle. Using these nets also allows your dog a bit of freedom, rather than using a crate when you travel or just always having to leave them at home.  So by taking a little time now to teach them, you will both benefit greatly on your travels.  Additionally, you may add our Seatbelt Leash or Cargo Hold Leash products, to help your dog stay even more secure.

    Mouthing and Chewing Dogs, especially puppiesFirst, try Grannick’s Bitter Apple.  Spray a bit on your finger and let the dog lick it to taste.  Most dogs hate it and won't want to taste it again, but a few dogs actually like the taste. If that's the case, try another deterrent such as a hot pepper, Tabasco, etc.  Once a good deterrent has been found, treat the net and areas that you want them to stay off or away from.  Consider that if they want to chew the netting, they will also likely chew other parts of the vehicle! Protect the seat head rests, cushions, the side C pillar etc.

    Reward Good BehaviorIn the driveway, roll down the windows and train them to jump in your vehicle (we have a video if this is helpful on our Youtube channel). Then work on the “stay” command, gradually working up in time (and of course lots of praise and rewards!).  Do this for 5 minutes a day for maybe 2 weeks until they learn it well.  Then close the hatch or doors, and try time increases, moving around the car and rewarding as the time increases. Get in the front seat, reminding them to “stay” and eventually work up to a very short drive to end of driveway and back to parking spot, then around block and usually within a few weeks, they have it down.  The mindset or goal is to respect the barrier and not a free rein to try to get through it.  We don’t want to have to crate them for travels, nor do we want them roaming all over either.  Not safe for them or you.


      Raingler© and its affiliates will never use our customers or vendors information for any purpose other than processing thier sale, shipping, marketing our products (with permission), and newsletters.  If a customer provides videos, reviews or other information, we will post those only on Raingler© websites, social media, and our own marketing materials. If you request to remain anonymous, we will not violate that request.  We are also compliant with GDPR rules and regulations. You can find more information on our privacy policy here. Please contact us if you require any further information about our privacy policies. 


      • We try hard but sometimes it's just not the solution.  If there is something we can do to make it work for you, ask us!   Maybe we can adjust or alter in a method that solves your need for function.  If you must return your purchase SIMPLY fill out the easy Return Request Form here and we'll contact you very quickly to arrange for the item to be returned for refund.
      • Promotional deals and package set items must return the full order for a complete refund. Free shipping promotions will be assessed accured shipping costs. 
      • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by Off Road Concepts must accompany all returns purchased from Off Road Concepts LLC. and be visible on the outside of the box or the package will be refused.  Merchandise must be returned pre-paid and insured. All shipping and/or removal/installation charges are non-refundable.  We will accept return requests up to 30 days from the posted delivery date.
      • Items for return credit or refund may have not been altered, damaged, dirty, appear as used in any way, and is in resalable condition. 
      • Missing items, installation hardware, accessories or promotional items will be charged or deducted from return credit at regular pricing. 


      • Off Road Concepts and Raingler brand name products are warranted for as long as the original purchaser owns the product and installed in original vehicle for which it was purchased. This includes defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty applies to the original purchaser and vehicle in which it was installed.
      • No warranty is given on dyes, finishes or coatings. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty, this includes damage sustained from the elements, animals or any other damage caused by equipment failure or malfunction. No coverage is given to products where acids, bleaches, fuel or any corrosive materials have been in contact with product.
      • Manufacturing warranty claims must be made by the original purchaser. Product will be replaced or repaired at our discretion, provided proper Return Authorization process has been completed and in no circumstance will liability extend beyond product repair or replacement cost.  Once return authorization instructions are given, wash, dry and properly package your item with contact information inside package.


      • Contact us for any needed repairs.  We can upgrade older units or repair as needed in-house.  Email us a couple pictures with your inquiry for idea on cost and time needed.  Most repairs are very inexpensive and often very quick for us to do.  We love feedback and reviews even long after the sale. Once repair instructions are given, please wash, dry and pack your item with contact information inside package.      


      • Products produced by Off Road Concepts LLC. are built for enthusiasts, construction, materials transport, off-road, extreme performance applications and other heavy-duty recreational uses.   This includes; camping, off-roading, carrying gear, cargo, animals; or anything that may be transported or contained in vehicle which product is installed in.  As our products are used worlwide and installed in many different vehicle types, we make no guarantee regarding legality for use on public roads and highways. Check with your local laws and regulations for any clarification.  We build the highest caliber product possible, but it is up to the owner and installer to determine suitability for intended use.
      • Raingler Nets & Barriers are not designed nor are they guaranteed to supplement or remain compatible with all safety restraint systems used by automotive manufacturers. Operator and owner of vehicle must follow the automotive manufacturers recommendations. 
      • Off-road, performance and recreational driving carries a certain amount of risk even when our products are used in the manner designed. The end user assumes any and all risks from installing or attempting to install, or using these products manufactured by or sold by Off Road Concepts LLC, Raingler or its affiliates. All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.


      • Custom modified, specially embroidered or custom build production item sales are final.  This includes any item that has been specially modified per the customer’s request, no matter how little the change may be.  This will be noted as "Customwork" or "Alteration" on your order as an independent cost. These are only done by specific Custom Order Build by contacting us directly for design or supplying your own patterns or custom requests and must be approved and prepaid before building. We do offer an amazing number of customization options right on our online web store, and selecting an available color, material or stitching is not considered a Custom Build Order and is covered under our Satisfaction Guarantee.  


      • Not every product will be in stock for immediate shipment. 
      • Please allow about 1-21 business days build time for most normal production items on the website.  RUSH production services are often available for nominal cost. More specific confirmation of lead time or "in stock" status may given by contacting us.  Product purchase price is charged upon ordering, not shipping. 
      • After ordering you will be sent a order updated notice by email, phone SMS or messenger based upon your selection at time of account set up.  Check it completely for accuracy as soon as possible and notify us immediately of any address or destination errors.  If shipping address is incorrect or undeliverable for any reason beyond our control reshipment charges will apply. Many features, updates and more now can be simply done by logging in on this site 
      • Purchaser must report any shipping damages or shipping carrier lost items immediately to the carrier.  We cannot accept liability once the product leaves our facility. Items may ship through a variety of carriers and signature confirmation may or may not be required although it may be requested in the notes in ordering process or by contacting us directly and we will do our best to specify this in the shipping process. Title to product transfers to purchaser as soon as product leaves our facility.
      • Contact us directly for assistance with RUSH production requests, express freight, international orders or APO addresses, or signature required requests as we will be happy to go the extra mile to get our products to you directlky.  "RUSH" or 48 hour or less production may be available for additional cost by direct inquiry.
      • All custom or special order item sales are final. This includes any item that has been specially modified per the customer’s request, no matter how little the change may be.

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