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Universal Ceiling Attic Storage Nets By Size

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*Stock photos shown. Default/Base Model is black.
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       This is designed as a DIY unit for most mechanically able consumers, however it is not a drop in kit.  We have some general installation guides and videos to help in the process but we recommend that you view the guides before ordering and make sure that you have the ability and patience for this project or can locate a competent installer for this project before ordering.

       These will be built to your specification and generally any vehicle or application use that you may have for these they can work very well as long as strong mounting locations exist. Beyond motor vehicles, these work well in RV's, trailers, vans and even hard top roof top tents. 

       To measure: We will need a Length and a Width.  We will also need to know how many mount points are required if beyond just the 4 corners. Add straps here in the optional drop down.  When measureing width, use the narrower  point if not all the same.  For example; there may be a few inches between handle mount points and roof pillars (A,B,C, or D)  Adjust down to the next smaller size if you exact measurments are not in the available list. It's better to have a little extra tensioning ability than a little loose net for this application.

 Note : This is the storage unit/net only. We offer the most common mounting set as you place this item into the shopping cart.  Each mount set will include one PAIR of mounts.  We offer many more mounting kits on our HARDWARE section of the website here. Please contact us directly for assistance in choosing the best ceiling storage solution if you are uncertain. 


Customer supplied video of how he installed his ceiling net below.  Take a quick watch for ideas and a universal installtion process.


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  • How does the standard universal attic storage net attach? Are they adjustable straps with S hooks? Also, if I selected the 26x41" net, is the center strap located in the center of the 41"?

    This really depends on the particular application.  We offer specific ceiling nest for many vehicles that will come with model-specific mounting hardware as required.  These are universal and only come with adjsutable straps and built on black metal cambuckles.  Great for attaching to existing points like ceiling handles etc.

    If you add a starp set you can select either the SHORT or LONG side of the net and will normally be cenetered.  If you need something different, just contact us at before you order and we can do.