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Universal Ceiling Attic Storage Nets By Size

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Selecting options other than standard BLACK material and/or matching stitching is considered custom build and is not return or exchange eligible.


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  • Ceiling Nets are excellent for adding that extra bit of storage for the items you need accessible without having to hunt through the vehicle to see where its stowed. Rain jackets, umbrellas, gloves, hats and books or kid activity items.

  • Adjustable with built on cam buckle straps on the corners; or add more as you like, for the bulky items.  We've used the net to carry camp chairs, cooking gear and even set up our booth folding tables. Up, and out of the way!This is designed as a DIY unit for most mechanically able consumers, however it is not a drop in kit.

  • We have some general installation guides and videos to help in the process but we recommend that you view the guides before ordering and make sure that you have the ability and patience for this project or can locate a competent installer for this project before ordering. These will be built to your specification and generally any vehicle or application use that you may have for these they can work very well as long as strong mounting locations exist. Beyond motor vehicles, these work well in RV's, trailers, vans and even hard top roof top tents. 

  • To measure: You will need a Length and a Width.  You will also need to know how many mount points are required if beyond just the 4 corners. Add additional straps and choose their location in the optional drop down in the product options.

  • When measuring width, use the narrower  point if not all the same. For example; there may be a few inches between handle mount points and roof pillars (A,B,C, or D)  Adjust down to the next smaller size if you exact measurements are not in the available list. It's better to have a little extra tensioning ability than a little loose net for this application.

  • Note : This is the storage unit/net only. We offer the most common mounting set as you place this item into the shopping cart.  Each mount set will include one PAIR of mounts.  We offer many more mounting kits on our HARDWARE section of the website here. Please contact us directly for assistance in choosing the best ceiling storage solution if you are uncertain. 


  • Customer supplied video of how he installed his ceiling net below.  Take a quick watch for ideas and a universal installation process.


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  • I have a 2016 JK 2-door JEEP Wrangler. I’m looking for a gear storage attic for the rear. I’ve removed the back seats to creat some additional camping storage space but am still looking for a storage solution for the ceiling back there. Do you sell anything that will fit and tie into the roller bars or other attachments? Seems to be a difficult product to find. Thanks Kelly

    See third image for rear area installation. Overhead Attic net

  • I'd like a small ceiling net for above the trunk space in my 09 Subaru Outback. The C and D posts are my four mounting points (~32"x38"). Would a 26"x31" size net be the right choice? Can I go larger?

    The 31x36 would be the optimum size for this area if you have allowed for the connection hardware.  If the hardware is not figured into the measurement, then the 26" x 31" size would be best to allow for tensioning.

  • I need a ceiling net for my 2005 chevy silverado crew cab

    Here's the universal nets we offer by size when we don't have an existing pattern

  • I just want a ceiling net for a Nissan Pathfinder 2002.

    Let us know the measurements when you can and we'll build it for you!

  • Universal ceiling attic recommendation for 2019 Chevy Tahoe LS?

    Typically the C100 at pillar locations. Long to be safe on length.  Contact for other locations or questions.  Install video on lower of this page:

  • I have a 2017 Subaru Outback and I want a good medium/large rear cargo net - what are my choices? - Easy to install ? Any pictures?

    We have quite a few on our collections page:

  • I have a 2012 tundra double cab. What size would I need for the roof and I am also wonder what size I would need to divide front seats from back. Have a crazy young lab who keeps trying to ride up front lol. Thanks

    Awesome visual of the crazy lab!  The Tundra Double Cab we have looked at before and it doesn't lend it self well in that truck as the rear mounts would have to sit very low at the top of the C pillar unfortunately.  If you do want to tackle after looking at it, please send our a note and they will guide you as to getting the length measurement and dialed in.
    Here's the seat back barrier and other Tundra gear:

  • I'm looking at getting this net for my new LEER bed cap that doesn't have any hooks for ceiling storage. Do you know if the screws that come with the net could punch through the ceiling of the bed cap?

    Others have used our C107S footman kit (that comes with #12x3/4" stainless screws) for similar installations but you would still want to confirm that the screw less the thickness of the footman's 1/8" mounting surface is acceptable.

  • Hi I am looking for a ceiling storage net for my 95 hilux double cab pickup do you have anything suitable ThAnks

    If you model has the 4 overhead handles, easy.  Just get the length and width between then on the inside of the handles and select the next small size in our listed dimensions.  If it doesn’t have the 4 handles please contacour and we will assist further with options.

  • I have a 2018 Toyota Tacoma dbl cab. Which one would be best for me for inside the cab

    Here’s the one specific for your truck (note check box for 2016 - newer there)

  • I have a 2016 Nissan Rogue and I want to get the universal ceiling attic but I am unsure about which would be the best dimensions for my car. The width between the front driver and passenger grab handles is 41 inches wall to wall. The width between the back seat driver and passenger side is 39 inches wall to wall. Then the length between the grab handles from front to back seats is 29 inches bolt to bolt. I was thinking the 26"x36" would work but I would like to hear what you guys would recommend. Thank you!

    Exactly the size we’d suggest!

  • The "2 strap support" is one strap on either side, not 2 straps on each side correct?

    Correct.  If you added the "2 straps" to the net you would have 6 total mounting straps as they already come with one on each corner.

  • How does the standard universal attic storage net attach? Are they adjustable straps with S hooks? Also, if I selected the 26x41" net, is the center strap located in the center of the 41"?

    This really depends on the particular application.  We offer specific ceiling nest for many vehicles that will come with model-specific mounting hardware as required.  These are universal and only come with adjsutable straps and built on black metal cambuckles.  Great for attaching to existing points like ceiling handles etc.

    If you add a starp set you can select either the SHORT or LONG side of the net and will normally be cenetered.  If you need something different, just contact us at before you order and we can do.